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3D printing (noun) : a process use to make three-dimensional solid objects from a digital model

Submitted by: daloy rosano from Philippines on Jan. 06, 2013 10:17


(noun) : means third-generation protocols which support much higher data rates, measured in Mbps, intended for applications other than voice.

I wanted to have a 3G phone.

Submitted by: Carl from Sri Lanka on Feb. 06, 2006 21:35

(noun) : stands for "third generation". Any group of techy devices and gadgets the are newly inrtoduced to the local market esp. cellular phones.

Nokia launches a new 3G series of it's mobile phones with high screen resolutions and video conference.

Submitted by: Kristian Yves Lovendino from Philippines on Feb. 06, 2006 20:04

3via (noun) : (pronounce "trivia") - The new integrated and interactive media consisting of 3 ways to use it: dotcom, mobile phoning, digi-tv, which all have a screen, microphone and loudspeaker

The 3via era turns your computer, mobile phone and digi-tv into one communication system. (I have created this word) —Kurt Linderoos, 16.06.2006

Submitted by: "Mr Personal EU" from Finland on Jan. 23, 2007 01:27


(noun) : an inexperienced computer user


Submitted by: 王文 from China1 on Dec. 02, 2008 14:59

(verb) : to disappear [404 is an Internet error message]

I was looking for something, but it 404-ed. —I made up this particular usage.,

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 03, 2005 08:52


(noun) : news

Did you get the 411? —, 03-21-07

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 21, 2007 19:53

(noun) : Information. From the number you dialed for the information operator (Directory Assistance) back when phone had dials, not buttons.

Hey Mon, what's the 411 on the new chick down in purchasing?

Submitted by: webbrewer from Kentucky on Feb. 01, 2007 13:47

(noun) : Information; the low down; information that puts one in the know on a subject or makes one enlightened on specifics.

Can you give me the "411" on the details of our meeting tomorrow? —unknown, unknown, uknown

Submitted by: Jennifer Taylor from Alabama on Aug. 23, 2006 15:14

419 (other) : Dubious, very crafty and cunning

Lander is now seriously involved in 419 business —Bukky, Personal construction, 30.11.2006

Submitted by: Bukky Jyde from Nigeria on Nov. 30, 2006 10:42

420 friendly (adjective) : welcoming the use of marijuana

Many apartments are advertised as 420 friendly in order to appeal to a larger demographic that includes marijuana users.

Submitted by: Kieran King from Canada on Nov. 07, 2009 05:23

428 (adjective) : "Fortunate". Trivia: Numeric characters that can be used in order to spell the word "Fortunate" by means of text messaging.

I feel 428 everytime I realize how hard it is to live in the rural areas.

Submitted by: Tine from Philippines on May. 07, 2007 15:38

4:20 (four-twenty p.m.) (other) : A slang term used among marijuana smokers that identifies a sort of underground, universally understood time that one can start thinking about "lighting up", presumably after class, at the end of a work day or at the start of the weekend.

Wow, this class is really boring. Thank God it's almost 4:20. (Alternately, a stoner co-worker might simply wink at you in the hallway and say, "Dude, 4:20.)

Submitted by: Liz Spencer from Massachusetts on Jan. 30, 2007 23:21

511 (noun) : too much information—usually in response to a boring, disgusting, or embarrassing monologue

The step-by-step description of her labor pains was just 511.

Submitted by: Mary Louise Ruehr from Ohio on Apr. 18, 2008 15:07