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architectophile (noun) : a person with a strong interest in architecture : a fan of architecture

Brandon showed himself to be a true architectophile as he gave us a tour of the Frank Gehry masterpiece.

Submitted by: Kimberley McCullough from California on Jul. 26, 2016 15:22

short-termism (noun) : concentration on short-term projects or objectives for immediate profit

One reason the question of short-termism still hasn’t been settled is that the answer is fundamentally unknowable. There is no control group; we can’t compare the performance of America with short-termism to that of America devoid of short-termism - or even prove beyond a doubt that short-termism exists in the first place. —Roger L. Martin, Harvard Business Review HBR.org, 10/9/2015

Submitted by: Brian from New York on Jul. 25, 2016 09:13

noodie (noun) : a sweatshirt without a hood

Where'd you get your noodie? It's so cute!

Submitted by: maggie kravchuk from Illinois on Jul. 24, 2016 10:31

policism (noun) : hostility toward police officers

With all of the recent attacks on police officers, it appears that policism is prevalent today.

Submitted by: on Jul. 23, 2016 14:57

policist (adjective) : prejudiced against police officers

Submitted by: Louis Eble from Michigan on Jul. 23, 2016 10:26


(noun) : a fun and entertaining way of giving information

Submitted by: Esther Nortey from Arizona on Jul. 21, 2016 22:33

wisdomous (adjective) : having wisdom : wise

My aunt once suggested that I was very wisdomous for a sixteen year old.

Submitted by: Les from Ohio on Jul. 21, 2016 21:17

Cancerversary (noun) : a date chosen by a cancer survivor to recognize a personal milestone

On July 29th, I'll be celebrating my one year Cancerversary that I am cancer-free!

Submitted by: Michele Savino from New York on Jul. 21, 2016 17:56

glenofemoral (adjective) : relating to the hip joint

Her glenofemoral joint is worn out, therefore she needs a hip replacement.

Submitted by: Tim from Minnesota on Jul. 21, 2016 15:18

chronocidal (adjective) : relating to killing time

Submitted by: on Jul. 21, 2016 13:00