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(adjective) : well rounded

She has a rumptious booty.

Submitted by: Shells from California on Apr. 01, 2016 14:52

hilarial (adjective) : hilarious

That comedian was so hilarial I almost peed my pants laughing at his jokes.

Submitted by: Michelle Engels from Arkansas on Apr. 01, 2016 14:41

moimoi (noun) : a traditional Nigerian food made with steamed ground beans and spices

Moimoi can be enjoyed with custard, bread, rice, or by itself.

Submitted by: on Apr. 01, 2016 03:53

guguru (noun) : a Nigerian snack of fried corn

Submitted by: on Apr. 01, 2016 03:24


(verb) : to make virtual Change from physical to virtual.

The host server can virtualize its physical resources to be shared with the client partitions.

Submitted by: Brian Bohner from Minnesota on Mar. 31, 2016 14:26

argubate (noun) : a debate that turns into an argument

Submitted by: Elizabeth from Ireland on Mar. 29, 2016 20:13

nervcited (adjective) : nervous and excited

I am so nervcited about going ice skating for the first time.

Submitted by: Sabi from Colorado on Mar. 29, 2016 15:13

deprovision (noun) : the removal of someone's access privilege and system resources

We need to deprovision Hank's profile because he was let go from the company.

Submitted by: Vincent Schneider from California on Mar. 29, 2016 13:41


(adjective) : black and Asian

Submitted by: Marziplier from Pennsylvania on Mar. 28, 2016 07:10

overcomable (adjective) : able to be overcome

I can tell you personally that the issues you are facing today are overcomable.

Submitted by: Jessica Clark from Texas on Mar. 27, 2016 22:38