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on fleek

(adjective) : perfect : on point

Your outfit is on fleek!

Submitted by: Tiah from Virginia on Jun. 08, 2015 18:11

joke-a-versity (noun) : a university of poor quality : a university that is a waste of tuition money

Submitted by: Gary Heath from Iowa on Jun. 03, 2015 18:25

prelationship (noun) : a relationship between people who are not yet but could become romantically involved

Mark and Stacy have been dating each other for three months but are still in the prelationship stage.

Submitted by: aj on Jun. 03, 2015 14:20

fonger (noun) : a fat or swollen finger

As she tried to move the next Jenga piece, her fongers caught the edge of the neighboring block and knocked the tower over.

Submitted by: Derek Martin from Massachusetts on Jun. 03, 2015 10:27

hypocracy (noun) : a system of government run by a body of hypocrites

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 02, 2015 14:21

angrevate (verb) : to cause (someone) to become angry

His obnoxious behavior angrevates me.

Submitted by: C2 Russell from New York on Jun. 02, 2015 13:23


(verb) : to cause (someone) to become angry

Her smug behavior angervated me.

Submitted by: Russ from New York on Jun. 02, 2015 00:32

passenger (verb) : to ride as a passenger

I'm currently passengering around the city with my brother.

Submitted by: Andrew B. from North Carolina on Jun. 01, 2015 23:10

tuile (noun) : a thin crispy wafer or shell of flour, sugar, butter, and almonds

In Food Network's Spring Baking Championship finale, one contestant created a mango crème brûlée topped with a passion fruit tuile.

Submitted by: Lauren Winkler from Pennsylvania on Jun. 01, 2015 01:48


(verb) : to connect to the Internet

My tablet won't internect.

Submitted by: James Fikes from Texas on May. 30, 2015 12:11

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