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refactoring (noun) : the process of restructuring existing computer code by changing the factoring without changing its external behavior

Zelenograd set about the arduous task of refactoring the extensive code base.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 18, 2016 17:15

citronette (noun) : a citrus-based salad dressing

When making a citronette, whisk oils and citrus juice well to blend.

Submitted by: Chef Zo from Alabama on Jun. 18, 2016 12:27

sarcasmist (noun) : a person specializing in or noted for sarcasm

Submitted by: Brad from Indiana on Jun. 17, 2016 20:27

homocrisy (noun) : the practice of claiming to oppose homosexuality while secretly supporting it or being a homosexual

Submitted by: Teh_sparta from New York on Jun. 17, 2016 11:35

permanicity (noun) : permanency

I want to rent a room here and move my furniture out of storage so I can start to establish a feeling of permanicity.

Submitted by: Britt from Texas on Jun. 17, 2016 01:04

uncanny valley (adjective) : a phenomenon in which a sense of unease or revulsion is caused by the viewing of a CGI figure or humanoid robot that is almost identical to a human

The CGI in that movie scared me half to death: that was some straight-up uncanny valley stuff.

Submitted by: on Jun. 13, 2016 02:58

adultolescence (noun) : an adult who acts like an adolescent

Submitted by: Julia Garsenstein from Nevada on Jun. 12, 2016 17:34


(noun) : a sneeze that sounds like a cough

I had a menacing snough yesterday because of allergies.

Submitted by: Janna from Florida on Jun. 12, 2016 14:22


(noun) : using computer technology

Submitted by: Adge from United Kingdom on Jun. 12, 2016 09:58

commernesia (noun) : the condition of forgetting what television program one is watching because the commercial break lasts so long

Submitted by: Bzwright from Illinois on Jun. 11, 2016 20:51