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agender (adjective) : without gender

Submitted by: Sasha from Canada on May. 29, 2016 15:45

phonashionship (noun) : a relationship that is conducted by telephone

Submitted by: on May. 28, 2016 22:00


(noun) : an expression of dislike or criticism

I was expecting a compliment, but instead i got a nonpliment.

Submitted by: Jesse Shepley from Canada on May. 26, 2016 22:41

cringery (noun) : the state condition of being cringeworthy

The Hoopers commercial for State Farm contains an intense amount of cringery.

Submitted by: Awec from Pennsylvania on May. 26, 2016 13:21

sideboob (noun) : the side of a woman's breast

Former Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman flashed a hint of sideboob in a sheer powder blue gown on Wednesday night. —ZOE SHENTON, CLAIRE RUTTER, The Daily Mirror (Mirror.Co.UK), 25 MAY 2016

Submitted by: on May. 26, 2016 04:21

Osborne (noun) : to announce a product prematurely and to disadvantage

I'm not buying the company's stock because it seems to be Osborning itself.

Submitted by: Timothy from Canada on May. 26, 2016 03:29

residrink (noun) : the white ring that a cup or glass can leave on a table or other wood surface

There was a residrink on the table after James left his cup there overnight.

Submitted by: Stoney Murphy from Texas on May. 25, 2016 15:06


(adjective) : showing characteristics or qualities of a pug dog

Look at that cute pugly baby so fat and soft.

Submitted by: Weston from Kentucky on May. 25, 2016 12:48

textashionship (noun) : a relationship that consists only of texting

Submitted by: Mark Capozzelli from Texas on May. 22, 2016 22:09

minion (verb) : to perform tasks as a minion

I can't come with you right now because I am minioning for my parents.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 20, 2016 17:57