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Longbottom (verb) : to grow from an awkward or unattractive child into an extremely good-looking adult

Jake really Longbottomed. He used to be ugly.

Submitted by: Rebekah from Canada on Jul. 06, 2017 15:41

nannypreneurship (noun) : a business that finds jobs for nannies

Stephanie decided to try nannypreneurship to be able to work her professional nanny job and start a business. —Stpehanie Bauchum, Nannypreneurship.com, June 2017

Submitted by: on Jul. 06, 2017 13:37

nannypreneur (noun) : a professional nanny who is also an entrepreneur

Stephanie recently became a nannypreneur after starting Nanny Tees.

Submitted by: Stephanie Bauchum from Texas on Jul. 06, 2017 13:33

awenone (adjective) : beyond impressive : more than awesome

The movie was awenone!

Submitted by: Farid E. Galindo from California on Jul. 05, 2017 15:37

ambisinister (adjective) : equally clumsy with both hands

The banjo player said he was ambisiniter. His playing certainly reflected such.

Submitted by: jimmypick from Utah on Jul. 03, 2017 14:41

janked (adjective) : stolen

Submitted by: on Jul. 03, 2017 05:41

extractivism (noun) : an economic tendency to extract as much as possible from the earth via its natural resources with little regard for the long-term environmental consequences.

Submitted by: David from Mexico on Jul. 02, 2017 23:15

quajillion (verb) : an extremely large amount or number

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 02, 2017 23:11


(adjective) : dumb and smart

Submitted by: Tytiana Fortune from South Carolina on Jul. 01, 2017 17:25

madify (verb) : to make someone mad

Don't madify me with your stupid advice.

Submitted by: Rajesh Kumar Sahoo from India on Jul. 01, 2017 06:56