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pigacorn (noun) : an imaginary creature made by the combination of a pig and an unicorn

My favorite animal is the pigacorn.

Submitted by: Jules from Massachusetts on Feb. 24, 2017 08:35

kinderschmutz (noun) : the vile blend of food particles, trash, etc. that collects under a child's seat

Not even an industrial strength vacuum cleaner was strong enough to remove all the kinderschmutz from the back seat.

Submitted by: TJ Jones from Tennessee on Feb. 24, 2017 06:56


(noun) : a meal or snack eaten before napping

I want mac and cheese for my nappetizer.

Submitted by: Isabelle Swindler from Ohio on Feb. 23, 2017 20:13

trumpspeak (noun) : the act of speaking in the style of Donald Trump

Sally uses trumpspeak when making her point.

Submitted by: Glenn Allison from California on Feb. 23, 2017 11:55

EMFophobia (noun) : fear of EMF radiation

My mother has EMFophobia because she is afraid of radiation from wireless devices.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 23, 2017 11:14


(adjective) : apathetically ignorant

He didn't know. He didn't care and he didn't care to know. That man was apathignorant.

Submitted by: Kurt Gardner from Washington on Feb. 23, 2017 06:48

scumbaggery (noun) : the actions of a scum bag

Submitted by: Bubba Gee from California on Feb. 23, 2017 02:36

pastronaut (noun) : a past or previous astronaut that may or may not be alive

Pastronaut Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon.

Submitted by: Marc Varga from New Jersey on Feb. 22, 2017 22:34


(noun) : a favorite pen that is considered a best friend

A writer wrote a story with his priend. —Elise Tidmore, February 22, 2017

Submitted by: Elise Tidmore from Ohio on Feb. 22, 2017 21:23


(adjective) : having the characteristics of a person with issues

She was very issuotic. —Renee, February 22, 2017

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 22, 2017 19:14