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lamester (noun) : someone who is inferior

What a lamester!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 19, 2018 16:09


(noun) : someone who consumes cannabis in an edible form such as food, desserts, candy, and etc.

The cannabivore is really enjoying the meal made by the chef. —La Sean Rice, Sr., and La Juone Torrey,

Submitted by: La Sean Rice, Sr. from Georgia Us on Apr. 19, 2018 01:58

closimity (noun) : the distance between two close points of reference

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 18, 2018 17:11

grammatics (noun) : language components pertaining to grammar, such as verb tenses, prepositions, etc.

The sentence contained accurate grammatics through verb and subject agreement.

Submitted by: Mason Moore from Tennessee on Apr. 18, 2018 16:36

shakshuka (noun) : an egg and tomato dish served for breakfast

Your shakshuka was very tasty.

Submitted by: Brian Reeder from Virginia on Apr. 18, 2018 08:40

in-love (noun) : a person who is related to you by marriage and who you love

When my oldest daughter got married, I called my son-in-law my son-in-love. Now I call all my in-laws my in-loves. —Hattie Lofton, Lessons from Seasons & Times of My Life, August 2014

Submitted by: on Apr. 17, 2018 17:00

Weinstein effect (noun) : a global trend in which people come forward to accuse famous or powerful men of sexual misconduct

Submitted by: Lepota Lazar Cosmo from New York on Apr. 17, 2018 08:06

phub (verb) : to ignore (someone) by paying attention to your phone or other mobile device

Stop phubbing me! I'm trying to talk to you!

Submitted by: Philip from New Jersey on Apr. 17, 2018 06:56

bruddy (noun) : your brother who is also your buddy

My bruddy is my best friend.

Submitted by: Kavish Narang from Illinois on Apr. 16, 2018 20:49

Lovology (noun) : a theocentric and philosophical concept of God, mankind, life, and death

Submitted by: Dr. BG Love from Louisiana on Apr. 15, 2018 14:21