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elearning (noun) : electronic learning : learning through the Internet

Submitted by: Caryn Whitney from Florida on Nov. 04, 2014 13:07

unimpressment (noun) : the state or condition of being unimpressed

Submitted by: Dylan Riley from Texas on Nov. 04, 2014 13:02


(noun) : a person who constantly asks for advice but does not follow it

She asks me for advice almost every day about the same thing, but never takes my advice and actually uses it. She's such an askhole!

Submitted by: Nick Elston from Nevada on Feb. 13, 2015 15:22

expergefactor (noun) : something that wakes you up

Submitted by: Aditya from California on Nov. 04, 2014 10:12

slampaign (noun) : a political campaign that involves attacking an opponent

The gubernatorial race in Illinois is nothing but a slampaign.

Submitted by: Megan Fry from Illinois on Nov. 03, 2014 22:18

elliptical (verb) : to work out on an Elliptical machine

Submitted by: luther from Washington on Nov. 02, 2014 22:39


(adjective) : horrendous and atrocious

I was looking at clothes at the store the other day and I came across the most horrocious skirt ever!

Submitted by: Alex Day from Florida on Nov. 02, 2014 21:37

harocious (adjective) : horrendous and atrocious

The wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles was harocious the other day.

Submitted by: Griffin Bushell from Massachusetts on Nov. 02, 2014 21:07


(noun) : a loved one

I love you Pookie!

Submitted by: Elizabeth from Florida on Nov. 01, 2014 14:38

educology (noun) : the body of knowledge about the process of teaching

Submitted by: James E Christensen from Australia on Nov. 01, 2014 04:11

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