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patrified (adjective) : having a fear of becoming a father

When he learned she was pregnant he was patrified.

Submitted by: Gabrielle Dyson from Illinois on Jul. 28, 2017 02:50


(verb) : to make responsive; specifically : to make a web page respond to the screen size and adjust accordingly

Modern web developers must responsify pages to make them work on all devices.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 27, 2017 12:31

homme fatale (noun) : a seductive man who lures women into dangerous or compromising situations

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 24, 2017 19:32

lovike (noun) : an emotion that is stronger than liking but not as strong as loving

Submitted by: Kimbo from Australia on Jul. 24, 2017 07:10


(adverb) : legitimately and literally

I legiterately just ate 4 pizzas.

Submitted by: Hannah Zapruder from Maryland on Jul. 22, 2017 11:22

aromanticism (noun) : the condition of having no romantic feelings

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 21, 2017 08:43

heteronegativity (noun) : negativity toward heterosexuals

Janice, I really don't appreciate your heteronegativity towards me right now.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 18, 2017 02:12

nothing burger (noun) : something (such as an event) that seems important but is actually insignificant : a dead end

The late-night comedian noted on "The Late Show" that White House chief of staff Reince Priebus called Trump Jr.'s meeting a "nothing burger," but said the emails have turned it into an "all-you-can-prosecute buffet." —Aida Chavez, The Hill, July 12, 2017

Submitted by: Terry Mickail from Washington on Jul. 17, 2017 15:09

contage (verb) : to infect with a contagious disease

Because you are sick, you might have contaged me.

Submitted by: Joelz on Jul. 15, 2017 22:09

screenshot (verb) : to take a screen shot

This is so funny that I'm screenshotting it for later.

Submitted by: Deanisha B. from Georgia Us on Jul. 15, 2017 16:40