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(verb) : to be less in number or size than (a quantity, number, or other measurable thing)

Submitted by: Daniel Hutson from Texas on Mar. 17, 2016 16:00

jesterous (adjective) : joking : funny

Submitted by: Matthew from Texas on Mar. 13, 2016 00:58

advocalism (noun) : a form of government in which bureaucracies are privatized and an official appointed by the president advocates for each of them

Submitted by: on Mar. 09, 2016 21:35

edventure (noun) : an educational adventure

Hiking in the forest and learning about plants and animals was a great edventure.

Submitted by: Matthew from Florida on Mar. 08, 2016 12:50

breh (noun) : brother : bro

Submitted by: Josh from Kansas on Mar. 07, 2016 15:22

baconsphere (noun) : all matters pertaining to bacon

The baconsphere is growing larger every day.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 06, 2016 13:21

nuggle (verb) : to settle into a comfortable position for snuggling

I sometimes nuggle with my pets on rainy days.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 05, 2016 20:21

lifestylist (noun) : a person who encourages and educates someone along his or her journey into a more aesthetically pleasing lifestyle

My lifestylist has done a wonderful job with redesigning my closet.

Submitted by: Tiffany"Tee Prendy"P from Illinois on Mar. 03, 2016 17:43


(noun) : an olfactory hallucination : the perception of a smell when there is no source for that smell

Submitted by: Laurie Casillas from Indiana on Mar. 03, 2016 03:23


(adjective) : having mass

Masseous objects are objects which possess a gravitational field.

Submitted by: Justin Leas from Virginia on Mar. 02, 2016 23:34