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dark liquidity (noun) : liquidity in a private secondary market used by large institutional investors

Small public investors were not able to access the dark liquidity provided in dark pool trading forums.

Submitted by: on May. 09, 2014 20:53

dark pool (noun) : a secondary market where hidden stock trades can be made by institutional investors

Dark pool trading allows investors to remain anonymous to the public financial markets.

Submitted by: on May. 09, 2014 20:23

dark money (noun) : money contributed to a political campaign by an anonymous source

The upset election outcome was allegedly influenced by dark money contributions increasing the underdog candidate's ability to fund heavy political advertising.

Submitted by: on May. 09, 2014 19:11


(adjective) : slow and stupid

Submitted by: DB from Virginia on May. 09, 2014 14:05


(noun) : a magnificent and perfectly orchestrated disaster

Submitted by: Jenni Smith from Oklahoma on May. 09, 2014 09:57

hamperize (verb) : to put dirty laundry into a hamper

Please pick up your dirty clothes and hamperize them.

Submitted by: Kathryn Currie from North Carolina on May. 08, 2014 19:24

Big Ben (noun) : a U.S. $100 dollar bill

Submitted by: on May. 08, 2014 13:56

povertize (verb) : to cause to be in porverty

Submitted by: Josh Bolender from Ohio on May. 08, 2014 12:05

shelfie (noun) : an image of a bookshelf taken by its owner

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 08, 2014 10:53


(adjective) : tacky : tasteless

That girl is so ratchet.

Submitted by: Sally Fisherman from California on Dec. 18, 2014 00:12

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