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grawlix (noun) : a string of symbols that are used to indicate swearing in comic strips

Submitted by: Meri B. from California on Jun. 23, 2015 14:50

non-aqueous coolant (noun) : a coolant that does not contain water

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 23, 2015 11:22

nip nap (noun) : a short nap

Submitted by: on Jun. 22, 2015 07:45

koanthymia (noun) : a depression resulting from the inability to describe or explain an idea

When I think too much about it, the crushing weight of koanthymia hits me hard and I just want to give up on trying.

Submitted by: Bau from Connecticut on Jun. 22, 2015 07:34

nagative (adjective) : negatively nagging

I wish she would stop being so nagative about politics.

Submitted by: Addy from Washington on Jun. 21, 2015 14:25

fuser (noun) : something or someone that fuses or causes fusion

If the toner ink rubs off your laser printed sheet, the fuser is bad and needs to be replaced.

Submitted by: George from Texas on Jun. 21, 2015 09:01

monachopsis (noun) : a subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place

Submitted by: Dany from Nevada on Jun. 21, 2015 04:01

detectorist (noun) : a person who uses a metal detector

Submitted by: Allyson Cohen from Connecticut on Jun. 20, 2015 22:03

flattened (adjective) : having no capital letters : lowercase

To log in to the account, use the password "thedictionaryrocks", flattened.

Submitted by: Jacob Feuerstein from Pennsylvania on Jun. 19, 2015 11:42

acidation (noun) : acidification

Submerging a rock in vinegar shows the effects of acidation.

Submitted by: Anastasia Bibeau from Connecticut on Jun. 18, 2015 06:48