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textimonial (noun) : a review or testimonial given through social media

Submitted by: Peter K Skelly from Indiana on Sep. 28, 2015 19:37


(adjective) : autographed but not personalized

Collectors often prefer flatsigned books over those that are signed and have personalized inscriptions.

Submitted by: David Campbell from Tennessee on Sep. 28, 2015 00:31


(noun) : the special vehicle that transports the Pope in public appearances

Submitted by: Dale Joubert Jr from Massachusetts on Sep. 26, 2015 10:07

wonderance (noun) : a cause or object of wondering

Submitted by: Corey from Arizona on Sep. 23, 2015 02:58

on fleek

(other) : stylish : flawless : perfect

Your outfit is on fleek!

Submitted by: Molly from Illinois on Sep. 23, 2015 00:56


(adjective) : perfect : on point

My ebrows are on fleek!

Submitted by: Leen beezy from Pennsylvania on Jun. 21, 2016 17:11


(noun) : a passenger in a vehicle who nags the driver

My mother calls herself the "nagagator" when we drive, because she will tell me where to go and then yell at me because I'm not doing it five minutes before she said it.

Submitted by: Michael Collings from Texas on Sep. 22, 2015 21:39

selfiecide (noun) : the death of a person occurring during the process of taking a selfie

Submitted by: Neontaster from New York on Sep. 22, 2015 11:49

amazon (verb) : to shop or browse on Amazon.com

I was amazoning for gifts all morning.

Submitted by: John from Washington on Sep. 21, 2015 18:24

discommunity (noun) : a lack of community

Submitted by: Nathaniel King from Utah on Sep. 20, 2015 19:43