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giga coaster (noun) : a roller coaster that has a height or drop of between 300 and 399 feet

Altitude rather than velocity has become such a defining characteristic that rides that take advantage of their soaring heights have been given a name befitting a mammoth frame: the giga coaster. —Mekado Murphy, The New York Times, August 17, 2015

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 18, 2015 08:40


(verb) : to vent via text

Submitted by: Debra from Virginia on Aug. 15, 2015 09:29


(adverb) : four times

Submitted by: Justin Vega from North Dakota on Aug. 11, 2015 14:58

desolidify (verb) : to convert from a solid state to a liquid state

Don't leave the chocolate bar in the car or it will desolidify.

Submitted by: on Aug. 11, 2015 05:12


(verb) : to relax, recover, recuperate, and rejuvenate at the same time

After a long week of hard thinking and working out, I need to recoverate this weekend to allow my mind and body to relax, recover, recuperate, and rejuvenate so I can hit the ground running again on Monday.

Submitted by: Porter Coggins from Minnesota on Aug. 10, 2015 14:51

nurstastics (noun) : a baby's gymnastic movements while nursing

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 09, 2015 14:33

crowdsale (noun) : a mechanism to collect financial contributions using digital currency

In April, a start-up in Scotland raised $7 million dollars in just 5 hours via a crypto-coin crowdsale managed by another Bitcoin-based start-up loosely based in Seattle. —Kashmir Hill, Forbes (online), June 03, 2014

Submitted by: dexx on Aug. 07, 2015 10:15

componentization (noun) : the act or process of breaking something down to its components

Submitted by: Chad from South Carolina on Aug. 06, 2015 09:56

Minecraftology (noun) : the science of the video game Minecraft

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 05, 2015 17:07

encrosion (noun) : erosion that encroaches

The water from the land above has caused an encrosion on my property.

Submitted by: Lisa from Tennessee on Aug. 05, 2015 14:44