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(adjective) : having or relating to the moon as a center

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 24, 2017 09:34

kadult (noun) : a person who is technically an adult due to age but still acts like a child

Submitted by: Deborah York from Florida on Sep. 21, 2017 06:48

alt-left (noun) : a radical group with far left democratic views

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 20, 2017 17:16

phantomtastic (adjective) : phenomenal, excellent

You would make a phantomtastic president of the United States of America.

Submitted by: on Sep. 19, 2017 22:02

aquafaba (noun) : water in which beans, especially chick peas, have been cooked

She added sugar and vanilla to whipped aquafaba, and it tasted exactly like whipped cream.

Submitted by: Janet Bolin from Canada on Sep. 19, 2017 14:16

psychomyotherapy (noun) : a holistic therapy to treat musculoskeletal disorders

Submitted by: André Alepin Oste from Canada on Sep. 16, 2017 07:16

uniquety (noun) : the state or quality of being unique

Submitted by: Oblivion Yohen from Kansas on Sep. 15, 2017 10:22

sportauranteur (noun) : an athlete who owns a restaurant

Michael Jordan, LeBron James & Peyton Manning are 3 superstar athletes that became sportauranteurs, owning restaurants during their playing days in basketball and football.

Submitted by: on Sep. 14, 2017 16:27

monatophobia (noun) : the fear of dying alone

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 14, 2017 15:30

kinlaws (noun) : the in-laws of one's children

We are having dinner with the kinlaws.

Submitted by: Mindy from New Jersey on Sep. 14, 2017 12:18