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corruptionaire (noun) : a millionaire or billionaire who became wealthy through corrupt means

There are too many corruptionaires in this current economic era and not enough legitimate wealth earners.

Submitted by: CMDess from Florida on Apr. 24, 2018 16:25

psychosucker (noun) : a person who uses mind tactics to force important information out of someone in order to gain power, favor, or loyalty

After talking to that psychosucker, I have lost my best friends.

Submitted by: Ahmaud Campbell from Mississippi on Apr. 24, 2018 14:25

hooraybe (interjection) : a tentative exclamation of joy and high expectations for an uncertain future event

The interview went great and I'm pretty sure I got the job. Hooraybe!

Submitted by: MalteseFalconPunch from South Carolina on Apr. 24, 2018 09:44

soul sexual (noun) : someone who is fascinated by, attracted to, and accepts another human soul regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity

I fell in love with her soul. I am a soul sexual. —Cory Russo and Jennifer Agao, www.soul sexual.org, 2010

Submitted by: on Apr. 23, 2018 18:41

squarea (noun) : the area of a square

The squarea is 4 square centimeters.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 23, 2018 16:48

nihonium (noun) : a radioactive chemical element —number 113 —symbol Nh

Submitted by: on Apr. 23, 2018 14:55

glam-ma (noun) : a glamorous grandma

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 23, 2018 12:27

endling (noun) : the last organism of a species

The passenger pigeon became extinct on 1 September 1914, when the endling Martha died at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Submitted by: Ali Fleih from Michigan on Apr. 22, 2018 20:50


(verb) : to cry and laugh at the same time

Submitted by: Robin ruhmel on behalf of Paul from Pennsylvania on Apr. 20, 2018 22:25

mapographic (adjective) : able to remember a map perfectly

My trucker husband has a mapograpic memory when he goes anywhere.

Submitted by: Michael Hodges from North Carolina on Apr. 20, 2018 16:38