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hallucinazation (noun) : a realization or discovery one comes to while in a hallucinatory state

While intoxicated and staring at the stars, he came to the hallucinazation that we are but a fragment in the fiber of the universe.

Submitted by: Logan Benson from Colorado on Jul. 09, 2015 15:06

spiritology (noun) : the study of spirits and spiritual influence

Submitted by: J. Sadler from Mississippi on Jul. 07, 2015 04:15

forumist (noun) : a person who takes part in online forums

As an avid forumist, Calvin is known for regularly lurking around and contributing to several popular anime discussion sites on the internet.

Submitted by: Aditya Paruchuri from North Carolina on Jul. 06, 2015 21:02

ambulaphobia (noun) : the fear of walking

Submitted by: Cayden from Illinois on Jul. 06, 2015 03:38


(adjective) : enjoying indoor activities

Aubrey and his friends enjoy indoorsy activies such as video games and reading.

Submitted by: Emily Cox on Jul. 03, 2015 22:38

insperated (adjective) : inspired and excited

Karol was so insperated that she danced with joy.

Submitted by: Katia lara from Tennessee on Jul. 03, 2015 18:47

toastitude (noun) : the quality of being toasty : toastiness

The bun for my sandwich was nice, showing a nice bit of butteriness and toastitude (I dare my editor to find a better word than this). —Nick O'Malley,, July 02, 2015

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 02, 2015 14:34

heartfulness (noun) : the state of wellness stemming from a feeling of oneness with other people, things, and places

Please bring more heartfulness into the work by caring and loving what you do.

Submitted by: Sanket from Washington on Jul. 01, 2015 14:47

ghost (verb) : to end a relationship by disappearing from someone's life

Many of those who have ghosted are contrite, citing their own fear, insecurity and immaturity. —Valeriya Safronova, New York Times, June 26, 2015

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 30, 2015 11:31


(adjective) : dorky and adorable

Zooey Deschanel's character in the hit TV show "New Girl" was described as being adorkable.

Submitted by: Dan Nguyen from Idaho on Jun. 29, 2015 18:18

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