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(adjective) : black and Asian

Submitted by: Marziplier from Pennsylvania on Mar. 28, 2016 07:10

overcomable (adjective) : able to be overcome

I can tell you personally that the issues you are facing today are overcomable.

Submitted by: Jessica Clark from Texas on Mar. 27, 2016 22:38

unsmartable (adjective) : not smart

That was an unsmartable decision.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 27, 2016 19:21

uber (verb) : to use Uber transportation service

We ubered to the airport.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 27, 2016 15:42

underboob (noun) : the lower part of the breast : the area under the breast

Her shirt was just short enough to expose a hint of underboob.

Submitted by: Eric from California on Mar. 27, 2016 14:44

purposcentally (adverb) : accidentally but with a favorable result that makes it appear purposeful

When I thought our basketball team had lost the game I got mad and purposcentally threw the ball and made a 40 yard shot.

Submitted by: Bret Bradberry from Texas on Mar. 27, 2016 03:20

gignormous (adjective) : extremely large : humongous

The planet is simply gignormous as it is much larger than our sun.

Submitted by: soozannah on Mar. 27, 2016 01:26

lambastuous (adjective) : deserving of lambasting or ridicule

The notion that said statement is true is simply lambastuous.

Submitted by: Conor from Florida on Mar. 26, 2016 22:09


(adjective) : having good manners : displaying proper etiquette

How etiquettical of you to open the door for me.

Submitted by: Samuel, Andrea, Jake, and Eric from New York on Mar. 26, 2016 14:23


(noun) : the ability to be comfortable

Submitted by: Shania from Ohio on Mar. 26, 2016 02:55