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Spooktacular (adjective) : Frighteningly nice. Used to describe a person's costume, pumpkin or anything related to Halloween. Combination of the adjectives Spooky: relating to, resembling or suggesting spooks, and the adjective Spectacular:of, relating to, or being a spectacle

"Wow that costume is spooktacular" "walking on the sidewalk, the kid wore an spooktacular skull costume" —Al Blonval, N/A, N/A

Submitted by: Pikiko from Venezuela on Sep. 28, 2005 18:55

lede (adjective) : also (noun). [newspaper jargon] A top story, a story which will be the first thing noticed on a page. Also the first sentence of a story, meant to be engrossing and especially eye-catching.

"Yeah, the trial story will make a good lede. People are interested in that. Besides, the lede article should pop."

Submitted by: K.O. Sullivan from Massachusetts on Sep. 28, 2005 18:39

cinammon kiss (noun) : A quick, affectionate kiss on the lips.

We weren't making out, we were just affectionately exchanging cinammon kisses. —No, myself

Submitted by: Steven Block from New York on Sep. 28, 2005 17:50

oompa loompa (noun) : a little orange dude with green hair

Here come the oompa loompas —jo, willy wonka

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 28, 2005 17:31


(noun) : something that is mentally or emotionally exciting or overwhelming

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 15, 2010 14:31


(adjective) : nasty; gross; short for "nasty"

I cannot believe you ate that. It looked so nast!

Submitted by: Aaron on Oct. 26, 2005 09:32

obvion (noun) : the state of being obvious

Sometimes obvion is better than fancy wording.

Submitted by: The Eloquent Hick on Sep. 28, 2005 16:06

Loaf (noun) : A person who is rather slow-witted and has slow reactions. It is common for 'loafs' to have a large body build (such as that of a rugby player), although not always.

"Oh my God! You are such a loaf!"

Submitted by: Cetanu from Ireland on Sep. 28, 2005 15:41

Vonu (adjective) : A form of lifestyle in which the participants attempt to stay "out of sight and out of mind" of the government in an area. An example would be living in a forest away from civilisation or possibly living in a mobile caravan and spending the night wherever you finish the day.

Submitted by: Cetanu from Ireland on Sep. 28, 2005 15:32

wrong-way (adjective) : incorrect direction, traversing the wrong direction, prohibited direction, contrary direction (one-way street)

Careful! Do not turn onto the wrong-way street.

Submitted by: Connie (Betsy) King from Colorado on Sep. 28, 2005 15:26