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poultarian (noun) : a person whose diet includes poultry but no other meat

I cannot take my wife to a steakhouse tonight, because she is a poultarian.

Submitted by: Nidhi Chappidi from Illinois on Jan. 10, 2016 12:37


(noun) : a loyal and supportive person who plays an invaluable role in both the personal and professional affairs of his or her partner

Behind every successful man is his abvasant.

Submitted by: Frances from Florida on Jan. 09, 2016 20:41

stupidality (noun) : stupidity

The stupidality of these people made my brain hurt.

Submitted by: Andrew from Tennessee on Jan. 09, 2016 04:43

agasp (adjective) : excited or shocked

Submitted by: eli from North Dakota on Jan. 09, 2016 04:15

techtrepreneur (noun) : a technology entrepreneur

Submitted by: Andre\' from Nebraska on Jan. 08, 2016 22:09

fooligan (noun) : a foolish hooligan

If you fail to complete this extremely short and easy homework assignment, you are a fooligan!

Submitted by: Alana M on Jan. 08, 2016 20:06

spooey (noun) : pretzels with frosting

Submitted by: Elana Selman from California on Jan. 07, 2016 21:59

staffulty (noun) : staff and faculty

We called for a 2:30 staffulty meeting to discuss our mentor program.

Submitted by: Jeanna DeCarli from Virginia on Jan. 07, 2016 09:55

paraphoem (noun) : metered poetry written in paragraphs rather than stanzas

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan. 04, 2016 12:27

smellucination (noun) : the perception of a smell when there is no source for that smell : an olfactory hallucination

The smell of salmon cooking in the oven was simply a smellucination as dinner turned out to be tri-tip sandwiches.

Submitted by: Luke Underwood from California on Jan. 02, 2016 22:24