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issa (other) : it's a

Submitted by: Alex Russell aka Meadville\'s from Pennsylvania on Oct. 06, 2017 15:23

nuggers (noun) : nuggets

I went to McDonald's to pick up some exquisite nuggers.

Submitted by: Jess Hebb from Oklahoma on Oct. 06, 2017 14:29

abbrever (noun) : a person who frequently abbreviates words or titles

Abbrevers are changing the language.

Submitted by: Brenna from New Hampshire on Oct. 06, 2017 11:43

elationship (noun) : a relationship that only exists through electronic media : the state of only knowing or contacting someone via the Internet, instant messaging, or social media

He was in an elationship with the girl next door.

Submitted by: on Oct. 06, 2017 10:23

lolification (noun) : the state or condition of being very funny : the ultimate LOL -used in text messages for very funny statements

That was totally a lolification.

Submitted by: itzztheman from United Kingdom on Oct. 06, 2017 10:19


(adjective) : puffy and fluffy

My hair is really floofy today.

Submitted by: Amber from Canada on Oct. 06, 2017 09:06

bashwagon (noun) : a group of people that share a like mindset regarding their dislike for someone or something and share in bashing that person or thing

No one really likes the new boss, so everyone at work has jumped on the bashwagon.

Submitted by: Jennifer Fuller from Arizona on Oct. 05, 2017 21:33

rewirement (noun) : the process of adding new pathways, learning new things, challenging the mind, and gaining new experiences especially in middle age or retirement

Rewirement challenges us to look at our lives with intent and explore ways to learn new skills, challenge our minds, gain new experiences, strengthen our bodies, and enhance our relationships.

Submitted by: Laura Galbato from Florida on Oct. 04, 2017 13:45

memer (noun) : a person who makes or uses memes

He was a chronic memer, no post or tweet would be complete without a meme.

Submitted by: on Oct. 03, 2017 15:59

oinkment (noun) : ointment used on pigs

Submitted by: Dragon from Oklahoma on Oct. 03, 2017 00:37