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(noun) : traction through a gripping action

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 27, 2008 13:45

pokeydoke (verb) : My understanding is this word orginated in Japanise engineering circles and we here at Hewlett-Packard use it on a regular basis. It means to key or somehow make a set of parts, that go together, in such a way as that they can only go together the proper way.

We are going to have to pokeydoke that drum assembly before we send this design in for production. We have been having way too many problems related to improper assembly.

Submitted by: Gene Brackenbrough from Oregon on Jan. 06, 2006 09:54

veritude (noun) : A true fact

He spoke as if his account of the incident was not speculation but a veritude.

Submitted by: Bob McAuliffe, Jr. from North Carolina on Jan. 06, 2006 09:43

idiotsyncrasy (noun) : an individualizing characteristic or quality that is just too wierd to be idiosyncratic; beyond eccentric

Crying while he eats is just one of his many idiotsyncrasies.

Submitted by: Lorence Sing from Ohio on Jan. 06, 2006 09:41

yamma-yamma (noun) : junk, nonsense, bs, useless stuff, trivial information

"Don't give me all that yamma-yamma." This is a popular expression in Liberia, West-Africa

Submitted by: jvbelg on Jan. 06, 2006 09:41

Nounsley (adjective) : This is a word made up by my grandmother. It means not very nice, cranky.

Due to her sleep deprivation Samantha was acting quite nounsley. —Margie Miller, Nana, 01/06/06

Submitted by: Margie on Jan. 06, 2006 09:40

fodderdodgerlodger (noun) : a person on full or half board holiday package deal who avoids part or all foods on the buffet circuit,for various reasons, eg lukewarm lasagne al forna, wine that feels like vinegar diluted with water, fruit puree thatlooks and feels like cheap jam (for your warm yogurt!)

It sprung to mind on a recent package holiday to Tunisia —Margaret Murphy, the wellspring of my own imagination, 06 January 2006

Submitted by: fdl from Ireland on Jan. 06, 2006 09:21

Dicitonaryesque (adjective) : describes a word that should be in the dictionary but isn't

The entries in Merriam-Webster's Open Dicitonary are all very dictionaryesque but fall just short of making it into the Collegiate Dictionary.

Submitted by: Traumastats from Ohio on Jan. 06, 2006 08:45

Dipwad (noun) : A foolish, stupid, careless or otherwise annoying person.

"I was nearly run off the road by that dipwad!"

Submitted by: Melanie Magruder from Florida on Jan. 06, 2006 08:24

freakarrific (adjective) : Someone who is terrific in every way but still a bit of a freak. Soomething that is strange but still amazing.

You are a freakarrific friend!! That movie was freakarrific.

Submitted by: Nat-Nat from Canada on Jan. 06, 2006 07:45

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