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theotrinsic (adjective) : Originating from God or one's love of God.

While many people are motivated to succeed by extrinsic rewards, theotrinsic motivation is unique among people of faith.

Submitted by: Michael Pregitzer from Virginia on Feb. 20, 2006 15:29

asshat (noun) : An asshat is someone who is generally worthless and at the same time enjoys being rude and vulgar towards everyone and everything.

That guy spilled his beer on me and had the nerve to laugh at me hysterically. What an asshat!

Submitted by: Brandon Cumby on Feb. 20, 2006 15:27


(adjective) : disgusting or nasty

The school lunch food is so grody!

Submitted by: Kelsey from Virginia on Oct. 04, 2011 15:23

wordie (noun) : one who is especially interested in the use, roots, and offshoot potential of words

Jeanne spends a lot of time cyberloafing at the Open Dictionary site because she is a wordie. —Jeanne Dees, Daily News Journal, March 5, 2006

Submitted by: Jeanne Dees from Tennessee on Feb. 20, 2006 14:31

christianomical (adjective) : pertaining to the well-being of christian society; following the guidelines of christian ethics

Killing somebody is not christianomical. It is christianomical to give to the less-fortunate.

Submitted by: Fish from Missouri on Feb. 20, 2006 12:36

substenance (noun) : sustenance with substance

when someone is really REALLY hungry they need "substenance" (e.g. an extra large large quadruple cheeseburger...)

Submitted by: K Rose from California on Feb. 20, 2006 02:52

Yut (other) : the equivalent of yup, yes or uh huh

She asked if she could go to the mall and her mom said Yut.

Submitted by: Mike Ashley from New York on Feb. 19, 2006 20:44


(noun) : A person who habitually keeps on surfing many links on the internet using google search

George simply spends his time for hours together in surfing internet like a googledygook.

Submitted by: Ashok from California on Jun. 21, 2007 13:58


(verb) : to throw or toss

I'm going to huck this in the garbage can.

Submitted by: Tina DeMerchant from Connecticut on Jan. 04, 2010 23:27


(noun) : dirty underwear

Please pick up your grundies off the floor

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 22, 2006 12:07