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kitchitician (noun) : one who does cosmetology from home in their kitchen or living room.

I'm going to Marquita's house. She's the best kitchitician in my neighborhood. —TraMaine Vornes, My wife, 1-7-2006

Submitted by: TraMaine A.K.A. PhatGotti from Tennessee on Jan. 07, 2006 16:57

Throwuption (noun) : explosive vomit

We could tell by the pale skin and beads of sweat on our friend that we needed to get out of the way. He was about to have a throwuption.

Submitted by: Mika N. from Washington on Jan. 07, 2006 16:09


(verb) : to smother and suffocate

As the room got hotter and hotter, I began to smothercate.

Submitted by: Amanda W. from Tennessee on Sep. 18, 2007 17:50

krunk or crunk (adjective) : feeling inebriated

Tonight, I'm going to get krunk.

Submitted by: Gerald Harper from Florida on Jan. 07, 2006 15:11

naff off (adjective) : A replacement for a more vulgar 4 letter expletive, to go forth and multiply, popularised by Norman Stanley Fletcher

Listen Ives, why don't you just go and naff off! —Ronnie Barker, "Porridge" UK prison sitcom, 1970's

Submitted by: lee cannon from United Kingdom on Jan. 07, 2006 15:02


(noun) : an expression of greeting

Holla back!

Submitted by: lizzy from Ohio on Aug. 29, 2008 11:01

squiney (noun) : An irritating, high pitched, squeaky and whiney voice

Submitted by: lee cannon from United Kingdom on Jan. 07, 2006 14:47

yestermorrow (noun) : Today.

We will be going to the park yestermorrow. Yestermorrow, we are at the beach.

Submitted by: Kuba from New Jersey on Jan. 07, 2006 13:12

funtamination (noun) : The process whereby a person has been contaminated or spoiled by having had too much fun; mental lethargy caused by having indulged in too much fun.

The funtamination in the western hemisphere vs. the starvation in the third world.

Submitted by: Moe on Jan. 07, 2006 11:17

gish (noun) : one who goes above and beyond the act of doing something stupid

You are such a gish

Submitted by: jh2ohouse from New York on Jan. 07, 2006 10:52

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