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Poppin' (adverb) : Interesting or new;

"Hey, what's poppin'?" also, "The Club was poppin' on Friday, you should have been there!"

Submitted by: Missa from New York on Feb. 03, 2006 16:01


(verb) : Pronounciation: 'krak-a-lak-&n - Used as a replacement for "happenening"; especially in greetings.

1. What's crackalackin' Fred? 2. Why does it seem like everything's crackalackin' all at once today?!

Submitted by: James Sajeva from New York on Sep. 18, 2006 13:56

populater (noun) : One who supplies content for a database or other information repository.

Once data has been entered into the system and is ready for approval the populater will send an email to the administrator who will approve the items.

Submitted by: Ginny from Ohio on Feb. 03, 2006 12:35

snapcrackly (adjective) : upset to the point of explosion

They had better stop asking me the same question because I'm getting snapcrackly—just about to pop!

Submitted by: pfunk from New York on Feb. 03, 2006 11:59

niton (verb) : 1. To test a sample using non-destructive analysis, specifically using x-ray fluorescence. 2. noun - former name of element radon.

I'll have someone niton that sediment to see if it's contaminated with heavy metals.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 03, 2006 11:18

obliviated (adverb) : so intoxicated with alcohol or other mind-altering substance as to be still conscious and communicative, yet unable to respond appropriately to important circumstances

when being questioned by the police, he was so obliviated, he just kept talking on his cellphone

Submitted by: ParaLegalStar from Illinois on Feb. 03, 2006 04:37


(abbreviation) : age, sex and location

Can I meet u asl —abbreviation popularly used when chatting on the internet., 30.11.2006

Submitted by: Bukky Jyde from Nigeria on Nov. 30, 2006 10:08

yeehaw (interjection) : Cowboy/cowgirl talk for "Yeah Baby!"

"Yeehaw! I caught that there bull with a lasso!" said Cowboy Dude. —-, -, -

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 03, 2006 00:13

Sucronym (noun) : 1: a playful or romantic word used to express amorous feelings or endearment 2: an often meaningless word or sound used to communicate with babies 3: an expression of flattery meant solely for the purpose of gaining favor with a superior; usually insincere

1: “Sweet nothings and other sucronyms can often rescue an otherwise bad date.” 2: "Sucronyms such as 'coochie-coochie-coo' can be difficult to spell." 3: "His attempt at using platitudes and sucronyms with his boss to get a raise were fruitless."

Submitted by: Brian Henry from Maryland on Feb. 02, 2006 22:13

proness (noun) : the act or state of being professional or very good at something

Wow, look at his proness in the game. Hey, check out the proness!

Submitted by: Edz Tha Monster from Canada on Feb. 02, 2006 21:24