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jamnesia (noun) : A condition were a musician who, while in front of an audience, suddenly cannot remember the melody of a song that they know very well just as they begin to play.

On the second song of the set our guitarist developed jamnesia and didn't start playing until the chorus.

Submitted by: L. Daniels from Michigan on Feb. 07, 2006 01:09

breasticles (noun) : breasts

Those are some big breasticles. —Billy Joel

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 06, 2006 22:38


(other) : Beatlemania is a state of mind that exists in an individual when they are overcome by extreme reactions to the music and/or appearance of the musical group The Beatles. Beatlemania is characterized by frenzied, uncontrollable, passionate behaviour.

Beatlemania was prevalent in the early to mid 60's.

Submitted by: Paul Kneipp from Iowa on Feb. 06, 2006 22:34

infinillion (noun) : An imaginary number meaning infinity.

PI has infinillion decimal digits.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 06, 2006 22:22


(noun) : means third-generation protocols which support much higher data rates, measured in Mbps, intended for applications other than voice.

I wanted to have a 3G phone.

Submitted by: Carl from Sri Lanka on Feb. 06, 2006 21:35

lamazing (adjective) : extra amazing; the next level of amazing; incredible

The 2004 National Spelling Bee was amazing, but the 2005 Nation Spelling Bee was lamazing.

Submitted by: Cody Lenox from Oklahoma on Feb. 06, 2006 21:35

fundage (noun) : Money, especially pocket cash used for frivolous pursuits.

Hey, if you want to go out for drinks, don't worry about it. I've got fundage.

Submitted by: Rachel Sarcasy from Texas on Feb. 06, 2006 21:34

voim (noun) : the void within oneself, when one drowns loneliness in internet-related activies such as instant messaging and internet games

The voim got me playing yahoo games really really really late at night to forget the fact that my most important friendship was down the drain. —yesha naik, 2/6/2006

Submitted by: yesha from California on Feb. 06, 2006 21:15

zosted (adjective) : Beyond exhausted; when you're too tired to articulate the first syllable in the word "exhausted" you are "zosted."

My ex-husband and I created it after arriving home in the wee hours of the morning from a long & unpleasant road trip.

Submitted by: Tara from South Carolina on Feb. 06, 2006 20:46


(noun) : a sanitizing solution for the hands

Submitted by: Dallas Drotz from Texas on May. 05, 2015 19:03