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(noun) : leet

I am more 1337 than you. —

Submitted by: Max from Singapore on Feb. 04, 2007 20:52


(noun) : the activity of costumed role playing

He looked authentic in his cosplay version of Spider-Man.

Submitted by: Steve Kimball from Delaware on May. 20, 2014 08:16

flatsigned (adjective) : Autographed directly on a book or collectible without personalization like "To Bob" and not signed on a bookplate (sticker) then added to a book or other collectible.

The book was flatsigned by the author. —Robert Moss, 2005

Submitted by: Tim Miller from Tennessee on Dec. 08, 2005 01:48

clockophany (noun) : the clangor of multiple clocks striking at once.

Every day at noon, the clock shop erupted in a joyful clockophany.

Submitted by: Michael Schwitzgebel from Texas on Dec. 07, 2005 22:54


(adjective) : deliciously sexy

"Carmen Electra is sexylicious!" exclaimed Eric.

Submitted by: Shiny from Georgia Us on Jan. 13, 2007 12:00

kong (other) : suffix meaning gorilla, as in king or donkey

The primatologist primarily studied mountain kongs.

Submitted by: David Daneman from Kansas on Dec. 07, 2005 20:16


(noun) : excessive and often incoherent postings to blogs

Submitted by: J.C. Moore from Pennsylvania on Sep. 15, 2010 10:25

polarsnake (noun) : Twirling, snaking, powdery blowing snow forming individual twisting lines on road surfaces left by passing vehicles.

The polarsnakes followed behind my car for many miles before I got home.

Submitted by: Marji McDonald from Alaska on Dec. 07, 2005 16:51

lardo (noun) : a very very very extremely overwieght person

Wow! Look at the lardo down the street! If he falls down he'll break the sidewalk!

Submitted by: senor fronz from Kansas on Dec. 07, 2005 16:22

sprung (verb) : To be madly in love with someone or something.

Mark is totally sprung on Nikki.

Submitted by: Nikki from Tennessee on Dec. 07, 2005 15:27

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