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Drobbit (noun) : the placement of a word after an acronym when that word is part of the acronym.

Don't say BNC connector. The "C" stands for connector!

Submitted by: Andrew Baum from Wisconsin on Mar. 22, 2006 13:08

slowding (verb) : to obtain digital content in a time-consuming fashion. Also used with prefix up- and down-

Once this file attachment has finished slowding I will send this e-mail.

Submitted by: Amy Baum from Wisconsin on Mar. 22, 2006 12:15


(verb) : To conduct an internet search, esp. using the Google search engine.

I googled the phrase "Leadership Test," and found a half dozen tests usable for my training program.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 22, 2006 09:11

Astrorific (interjection) : What space geeks say instead of teriffic or fantastic (o in astro is pronounced like the o in globe)

"Astrorific!!" " I found a new planet!!"

Submitted by: Zak from Washington on Mar. 22, 2006 00:42

artemistic (adjective) : 1. To be a genius. 2. moody, changing feelings quickly

The artemistic teenager was loosing her boyfriend quickly.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 22, 2006 00:36

exterpilate (verb) : To look at both the inside facts and numbers, and the outside facts or numbers to find a given solution.

You must exterpilate to find the verdict of the difficult case.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 22, 2006 00:25

amplifichaotic (noun) : a loud heavy metal, sonic or punk band playing in a confined space.

Hey man, those guys were amplifichaotic last night. You should have been there!

Submitted by: Rob Bartlett on Mar. 21, 2006 19:02

couchist (adjective) : A person who enjoys sitting on a couch and watching tv or doing another recreational activity.

"Stop being such a couchist and go outside, have fun!" said Billy's mom, seeing him sit on a couch doing nothing for days.

Submitted by: Dmytry from Canada on Mar. 21, 2006 17:53

skode (noun) : member of a social class characterized by both skateboarding and gothic attire.

You dirty skode.

Submitted by: Michael from Minnesota on Mar. 21, 2006 15:57


(noun) : a young or small girl

How's your girlette?

Submitted by: Copy-Cat from Pennsylvania on Apr. 17, 2008 16:09