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(noun) : essential simplicity and directness

The basicality of the sentence made it easy to understand. —Morgan Laboure,

Submitted by: Morgan from Nebraska on Jul. 06, 2008 22:42

dorming (verb) : Sharing a room in a college dormitory

I overheard two high school seniors telling another senior that they are "both going to Ohio State" and also dorming together

Submitted by: Barbara Kaiser on Mar. 11, 2006 10:51

cood (adjective) : cool/good

He was looking very cood.

Submitted by: Robin Goins from Texas on Mar. 10, 2006 22:20


(other) : okay; having to do with being okay, slang

I'm going to the store. Mmkay.

Submitted by: Bob the rock from Texas on Mar. 10, 2006 20:51

Brain Fart

(noun) : an instance of forgetfulness or bad judgment

Submitted by: Anonymous on Nov. 25, 2008 18:41


(adjective) : Weird and wonderful; a contraction of "flummox" and "fabulous"

The dog hair artwork was certainly flummabulous.

Submitted by: DeeDee from Missouri on Mar. 10, 2006 17:31

Po-Mo (noun) : abbreviation for Post-Modern; a sphere of thought recognizing our current state of existence, which includes but is not limited to, ideas such as "modernism is dead," "language is obsolete," and "the only rule is there are no rules."

"What's with the rabbits?" "It's Po-Mo... Post-Modern, you know... weird for the sake of weird." —Moe from "The Simpsons", Episode "Homer is Moe"

Submitted by: Phillip Cano from Texas on Mar. 10, 2006 17:12


(verb) : to cause the deterioration of language or words; to add letters to words in a senseless, useless, worthless, time-consuming in an absurd and longer way of writing. Also: delanguation, delanguaged, delanguaging, delanguagly.

He was delanguaging words, trying to compound words, make them look attractive or make them seem useful, but they sounded absurd to me. He wrote, "wuzzzup!" adding more z's, and to me that's delanguation. I'd better opt for the word, "ped-xing" or "Merry Xmas" for the chopped words and for being less time-consuming. —Edwin Perez, Friday, March 10, 2006

Submitted by: Edwin Perez from Mexico on Mar. 10, 2006 17:04

wife beater

(noun) : A male undergarment. Traditionally know as an A-shirt; a tank top made from a white, ribbed, cotton, slightly elastic fabric. Associated with the stereotypical imagery of an abusive husband.

I'm wearing jeans and a wife beater, let me throw on a shirt and I'll be dressed.

Submitted by: Phillip Cano from Texas on Mar. 10, 2006 16:43

saludate (verb) : 1. to say hi to someone. 2. to say hi to someone from somebody else.

1. She saludated you. (she told me to say hi to you.) 2. I saludated her when she passed by down the street. —Edwin Perez, from Spanish verb saludar, Friday, March 10, 2006

Submitted by: Edwin Perez from Mexico on Mar. 10, 2006 16:38