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absofab (adjective) : short form of absolutely fabulous

This is an absofab idea, it will definitely work!

Submitted by: marisha from Illinois on Jan. 11, 2006 20:24

Unpossible (adjective) : 1. A more intense alternative word that replaces "impossible". 2. Emphasizes that a given task/thing/occurence/phenomenon is particularly impossible or incredibly improbable. 3. Also used casually as an exclamation of disbelief, surprise, skepticism or incredulity. e.g. "Thats unpossible!"

"He managed to get the car across that 100-foot chasm? But ... but ... that's unpossible!" —Nicholas Tan, Casual Conversation, N/A

Submitted by: Mark Lee from Singapore on Jan. 11, 2006 20:19

Jackers (noun) : People who take ur ideas and dont give u any props

Why r u Jackers taking my ideas —John Park, ur Mom, 1/11/06

Submitted by: John H Park from Georgia Us on Jan. 11, 2006 20:06

jolombian (adjective) : a mix between jamaican and colombian culture

yo those fools steven and brandon are jolombian —Brandon and Steven, Me, 1/11/06

Submitted by: Brandon and Steven from Georgia Us on Jan. 11, 2006 19:55

effenheimer (noun) : —used as a substitute for the f-word

I couldn't believe she dropped the effenheimer while having an audience with the Pope!

Submitted by: Muppetboy from Minnesota on Jan. 11, 2006 19:36

stupident (noun) : stupident—an auto accident ,caused by a stupid driver...could also refer to any other type accident caused by sheer stupidity

A typical example of a stupident ... Joe Spidnut crashed his vehicle into a police cruiser while trying to talk on a cell phone and open a can of beer ,and light a joint...thereby causing a "stupident". —George White (me), Me-I invented the word, today

Submitted by: Sourdoh from Tennessee on Jan. 11, 2006 19:05

Raspernarious (adjective) : possessing a cranky or irritable disposition or attitude without any apparent cause or reason.

All day long he was quiet and taciturn unless spoken to or asked to do something and then he became very raspernarious (rhymes with nefarious).

Submitted by: Compa' Joe from California on Jan. 11, 2006 18:42


(noun) : mood; state of mind

I'm in a weird headspace right now.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 31, 2006 01:51

Soo (adverb) : Emphasis of the term so

She was soo angry. Rather than, I believe so.

Submitted by: Natalie and Caitlan from Washington on Jan. 11, 2006 17:41

wozzname (noun) : Any object, emotion, action for which one pretends not to remember the correct word, used ironically when it can be assumed the other person is aware of what is being referred to.

We'll have to remember to pick up some wozzname for the bird feeders. I mean, when they told me I was sacked I felt completely wozzname.

Submitted by: Colin Hall from United Kingdom on Jan. 11, 2006 17:12

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