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gargantuanatrillion (noun) : An incredibly large, undefineable number. Similar to a gazillion, but even bigger.

There were,like, a gargantuanatrillion people at the beach today!

Submitted by: Jamie, aka. Melvasaiel from Maine on Jan. 07, 2006 23:13

car turd (noun) : The brown lumps of slush that build up on the mudflaps and fenders of cars during winter. These usually freeze into hard chunks that fall off at intersections and driveways. Automotive equivilant of the dingleberry.

As they waited at a red light, Bob and Jill felt very awkward about the large car turd that clung to the vehicle ahead of them, like a dingleberry stuck to the backside of a dog.

Submitted by: Jamie, aka. Melvasaiel from Maine on Jan. 07, 2006 23:06


(adjective) : unhealthy, but misleadingly presented as something that is nutritious

The soft drink is advertised as nutriticient because it has 1% fruit juice in it.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan. 07, 2006 22:57


(adverb) : extremely, very

Your brother is hella cool. —Courtney

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 06, 2009 20:29

Blinguini (noun) : The large gold horns, medallions, or eagles that Italian men of a certain age have a tendency to wear on exposed chest hair.

Hey Joe, that's some gold medallion you got there, that's a nice piece of blinguini!

Submitted by: Buttercup from Pennsylvania on Jan. 07, 2006 18:58


(noun) : The ink dripped from a black pen in your chest pocket, onto your pocket, giving your shirt a stain.

I looked down, and right there, on my new shirt, was an inkle!

Submitted by: Bob Palindrome on Jan. 07, 2006 18:55

kitchitician (noun) : one who does cosmetology from home in their kitchen or living room.

I'm going to Marquita's house. She's the best kitchitician in my neighborhood. —TraMaine Vornes, My wife, 1-7-2006

Submitted by: TraMaine A.K.A. PhatGotti from Tennessee on Jan. 07, 2006 16:57

Throwuption (noun) : explosive vomit

We could tell by the pale skin and beads of sweat on our friend that we needed to get out of the way. He was about to have a throwuption.

Submitted by: Mika N. from Washington on Jan. 07, 2006 16:09


(verb) : to smother and suffocate

As the room got hotter and hotter, I began to smothercate.

Submitted by: Amanda W. from Tennessee on Sep. 18, 2007 17:50

krunk or crunk (adjective) : feeling inebriated

Tonight, I'm going to get krunk.

Submitted by: Gerald Harper from Florida on Jan. 07, 2006 15:11

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