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Prius envy (noun) : The state of wishing you drove a hybrid car.

When Joel drove through California, he suffered from a bad case of Prius envy. —Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion

Submitted by: Lana from Michigan on Feb. 09, 2006 09:01


Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 09, 2006 08:41

SKEAVY or SKEEVY (noun) : This word, a derivative of the Italian "scheavose" (something disgusting or repulsive) has been used by Italian-Americans ever since they emigrated here in the early 1900s. I have noticed it lately being used in newspaper articles, and heard it on TV and radio shows, and think it definitely is a word that should be included in your new w...

1. A person with body odor standing next to you and your friend on the subway: "Get a whiff of this guy...SKEAVY!" Or "...what a skeave!" 2. A person observed spitting in public: "Ooo, SKEAVOSE!" —Paula DeMarta Mastroianni, Italian slang, 2/9/06

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 09, 2006 00:12

sput (noun) : any substance with characteristics of grime or filth.

Crossing the bay bridge, passersby stopped to gaze at the riders kayaking through the sludgy, contaminated, sput-filled water.

Submitted by: Anna from Maryland on Feb. 08, 2006 23:22


(adjective) : being brutish and bullyish

Submitted by: Phil from Virginia on Jun. 08, 2008 12:06

Plunth (noun) : A person who sends pointless emails containing useless information such as "there is no English word that rhymes with month". "Plunth" describessuch emails and the people who send them. It also negates the statement that no word rhymes with month by it's very existence. It can also be used to describe the emial itself.

"please don't act like such a plunth by sending me such pointless emails" or "I got a lot of plunth in my in-box this week".

Submitted by: Tim Cadogan from New Zealand on Feb. 08, 2006 22:56

to fluff (verb) : to spend one's time on a non-essential activity with the goal of relaxing.

Although many hours of work remained, Judy just wanted to fluff, so she picked up her favorite romance novel and started to read.

Submitted by: Elizabeth from California on Feb. 08, 2006 21:09

Yazoo (noun) : referring to ones posterior.

I got homework up the yazoo.

Submitted by: TJ Fleagle from Minnesota on Feb. 08, 2006 21:04

Dunkadelic King (adjective) : Is a sport term given to the winner of a Slam Dunk contest. A player who leads his team or League in dunks for the entire season.

Josh Smith was the "Dunkadelic King" of the 2005 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest joining Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, and Dr. J. —Dunkadelic All-Star Report 2005, February 2005

Submitted by: Derrick E. Vaughan from Maryland on Feb. 08, 2006 17:52

bodonka-donk (noun) : country term for butt

Look at that bodonka-donk.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 08, 2006 15:51