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velcronicity (verb) : The action of velcro sticking to itself.

The velcro on your shoes doesn't stick together any more! It has lost its velcronicity!

Submitted by: Ronald Downs from Pennsylvania on Feb. 18, 2006 20:10

kidjole (verb) : to persuade a small child to do or cease doing something, usually through sustained coaxing or outright bribery

Despite using every trick she knew, including the choo-choo train into the mouth, Mrs. Andersen failed to kidjole 3-year-old Joey into eating his tofu.

Submitted by: Emily Rohrer from Virginia on Feb. 18, 2006 20:07

discombobbled (adjective) : unkempt

She came in out of the wind and her hair was all discombobbled. —?,

Submitted by: Steve Smith from Illinois on Feb. 18, 2006 19:50

pseudohuman (noun) : An artificial being that blurs the line between human and non-human.

The replicants in "Blade Runner" are perfect examples of psuedohumans. —Ryan Neufeld, A Checklist for Humanity, February 17, 2006

Submitted by: neufysoad from Canada on Feb. 18, 2006 19:40


(adjective) : to be confused and puzzled at the same time

I am very confuzzled! —Urple Urkle Bob Ooberflabben III, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 3/14/08

Submitted by: Alex Yo Mama from California on Mar. 14, 2008 12:20


(noun) : 1: A Follower of the band Insane Clown posse. 2: A cult member in the art of Necromancy.

Thats one Down Juggalo.

Submitted by: TxHatchtPrince from Texas on Apr. 14, 2007 06:42

Blindsman (noun) : The referee's assistant (linesman) in football (soccer) if he as a made some bad decisions and has suddenly become blind.

Van Nistlerooy was well offside but the blindsman didn't see it

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 18, 2006 17:20


(verb) : to relax, recover, recuperate, and rejuvenate at the same time

After a long week of hard thinking and working out, I need to recoverate this weekend to allow my mind and body to relax, recover, recuperate, and rejuvenate so I can hit the ground running again on Monday.

Submitted by: Porter Coggins from Minnesota on Aug. 10, 2015 14:51

gyegundus (adjective) : huge,extreamly big

wow my head looks gyegundus! —Grace, yo momma, 2/17/06

Submitted by: gracalyn from North Carolina on Feb. 18, 2006 16:36


(verb) : to engage in a discussion

In anticipation of the celebrity's appearance, the fans refrained from conversating with one another.

Submitted by: Erica M from New Jersey on Jul. 25, 2008 01:57