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spot (verb) : To loan one money or some other fiduciary good.

Can you spot me five dollars for lunch?

Submitted by: Todd Walton from California on Dec. 21, 2005 00:48

bright light (verb) : 1) condition that occurs when someone unexpected turns on the lights while you're asleep or other wise in a dark room 2) condition that occurs after working multiple night shifts and you suddenly and unexpectedly encounter the sun

I walked out from my 5th week on nighs and got bright lighted by the sun rise. Usually accompanied by physical discomfort, temporary inability to see, and often by watering eyes. Also usually immediately followed by turning the light back off or finding sunglasses.

Submitted by: recentcoin from Texas on Dec. 21, 2005 00:40

brain burn (verb) : A long or particulary difficult study session.

We're having a brain burn right before the organic chemestry final. Wanna come?

Submitted by: recentcoin from Texas on Dec. 21, 2005 00:36


(verb) : to ruin or destory

He didn't send in his applicaiton. Now his chances of going to college are borked. He's completely borked dinner.

Submitted by: recentcoin from Texas on Dec. 21, 2005 00:32

beta-geek : Alpha-geek wanna-be and usual side-kick to the alphas. Also often simply referred to as alphas and betas. Works much like pack dynamics in wolf packs.

If he'd upgrade his coding skills, he'd be an alpha instead of a beta.

Submitted by: recentcoin from Texas on Dec. 21, 2005 00:14


(noun) : leet

I am more 1337 than you. —

Submitted by: Max from Singapore on Feb. 04, 2007 20:52

nukular (adjective) : An equivalent to "nuclear" for use by heads of state and Green movement spokespeople.

Heard in many news broadcasts, particularly George W Bush, Tony Blair and numerous anti-nuclear spokespeople.

Submitted by: Alan McKenna from Australia on Dec. 20, 2005 21:00

opencide (adjective) : Noun: An unsolved homicide case that is open to or under investigation. Adj: Of or relating to such a case

The shooting is an opencide so this is an opencide bullet and should be scanned into the computer and stored in the opencide file drawer.

Submitted by: Roger Parian from Georgia Us on Dec. 20, 2005 20:36


(noun) : a person with nerdy or dorky characteristics; someone who acts foolishly on purpose

Approaching the class clown, the teacher asked, "Jimmy why are you such a goober?"

Submitted by: Jen from Arizona on Mar. 10, 2008 19:46

zorroant (noun) : an anonymous generous person.

The zorroant left some goods outside the asylum.

Submitted by: Kristian Yves Lovendino from Philippines on Dec. 20, 2005 13:02

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