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accousticist (noun) : A single word synonym for sound or accoustic engineer. One who manages sound reproduction for either a live performance or recording session.

Can you get the accousticist to increase the sound level in my foldback speaker. Pronounced ah-koos-te-sist. —Martin Lander, his email, 8/2/2006

Submitted by: Martin Lander from Australia on Feb. 07, 2006 20:16

spazzelicious (adjective) : to be totally funky and down with it!

OMG! Your dooney is sooooo spazzelicious

Submitted by: danni from Pennsylvania on Feb. 07, 2006 18:34

girliver (noun) : A girl who travels a lot all around the world.

Jessie cannot stay stuck in a place: she is really a girliver!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 07, 2006 17:49

mic (verb) : 1. to place a microphone before a sound source; 2. to capture sound with a microphone; also 'miced' or 'micing'

to mic a piano, place the microphones above the soundboard; that instrument was miced with a pair of dynamic microphones; consider micing the guitar with a condenser microphone

Submitted by: Jeremy Krug from Idaho on Feb. 07, 2006 17:04


(noun) : Combining a late lunch and early dinner.

We ate lunner at three-thirty today.

Submitted by: Carol Fryman from Ohio on Jul. 23, 2007 23:23

office (verb) : to occupy a location as one's place of business

The personnel are currently officed in multiple leased facilities at lower overall cost. —Margaret Dorman, Smith International, Inc Earnings Conference Call transcript, 1/30/06

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 07, 2006 16:42

grinchy (adjective) : typically annoying.

Stop acting so grinchy! I hate you being like that.

Submitted by: Kristian Yves Lovendino from Philippines on Feb. 07, 2006 16:40


(noun) : pen;something to write with

I used a frindle to write my essay.

Submitted by: Emily Rasch from Louisiana on Apr. 28, 2008 18:49


(noun) : an individual or groups (church, business, etc) e-mail address.

Please leave us your edress so that we may contact you.

Submitted by: Michael P. Walsh from California on Apr. 10, 2010 14:09

Dunkadelic Mega-Star (adjective) : Is a pop culture/sport term given to basketball players who are known for explosive scoring and dunking ability. The most popular and celebrated players on the college and professional level. Basketball players with exclusive multi-million dollar sneaker deals

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are 2 of the biggest Dunkadelic Mega-Stars of the NBA. Allen Iverson wore the "Dunkadelic" shoe for Michael Jordans' last NBA game on April 16, 2003. —Scoop Jackson, Slam Magazine, December 2004

Submitted by: Derrick E. Vaughan from Maryland on Feb. 07, 2006 11:47