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Stublogger (noun) : A stublogger is someone who has no creativity or origional thoughts. They are limited to posting pre-made code quiz scores to post and have difficult times adding liks or code of any other kind to a blog. You will see these bloggers as sheep with no guts, no imagination no voice and no opinions. Exception: someone who repeatedly writes stublogs.

A stublogger will never create new words, but a blogger may write a stublog, like this one. —Lady Jenna,, October 27, 2005

Submitted by: Jetti from Washington on Jan. 09, 2006 19:25

cracker (noun) : 1)Person below a hacker who spends computer time breaking into secure computes. From "Safe-cracker". One who has a grandiose screen names that conceal their identity. A dark sided hacker who uses a computer to break into another. 2) A software program that used to encrypt/decrypt files using computer algoritms used to break into secur...

They will call themselves hackers, but the local hackers do not associate themselves with these crackers whose intent is to load down or destroy the university computer system. A portable password cracker with built-in efficient implementations of multiple password hashing algorithms found on various Unix flavors. —Computer Jargon, 1980

Submitted by: Dan Salinas from New Mexico on Jan. 09, 2006 19:14

Mainerdd (noun) : Someone who is rather odd and eats strange things quite frequently.

Bob is such a Mainerdd. He had a mixture of boysenberry yogurt, bacon, and hot sauce again for lunch today. —a classmate

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan. 09, 2006 18:59

sickbird (adjective) : A term adapted from "bluebird" to refer to any part of skiing that is extreme or intense.

That cliff you just dropped was sickbird dude.

Submitted by: Nate from California on Jan. 09, 2006 18:44

bluebird (adjective) : A skiing term to describe the first sunny day after a snowstorm without any clouds in the sky.

This huge storm is supposed ot clear up by tomorrow, it might be a bluebird day.

Submitted by: Nate from California on Jan. 09, 2006 18:42


(adjective) : Combination of pretty and beautiful; girlishly pretty

Kim's outfit was prettiful, full of lace and bows.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 06, 2008 12:32

oogie (adjective) : Physically uneasy but not quite nauseated.

The rollercoaster left me feeling a little oogie.

Submitted by: Jerry from Ohio on Jan. 09, 2006 17:19

MDeity (noun) : An imperious doctor; one who acts as if he's God. Pronounced "em-DEE-uh-tee." A friend used this term to describe MDs who are too puffed up with their own importance and who treat patients as if they are mere mortals in the presence of their medically educated deity. The term is primarily used tongue in cheek to describe an irritating phy...

I want a doctor who will really listen to me, not some MDeity who dismisses my worries without any explanations.

Submitted by: Carolyn Bahm from Tennessee on Jan. 09, 2006 15:05

ROTFLMAO (interjection) : Acronym for "Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off". Compare "LOL".

The President tried to escape out a locked door at the press conference. ROTFLMAO!

Submitted by: Dave Decot from California on Jan. 09, 2006 14:36

Afronym (noun) : An "african-sounding-name"; frequently invented by "African-Americans" to "acknowledge-their-African-roots" (see also: "Ebonics")

"Her REAL name is Corrina Jackson, but her "AFRONYM" is "Quanzisha"

Submitted by: Dave Wellman from New Mexico on Jan. 09, 2006 14:23

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