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posolutely (adverb) : Goes before "absotively"

Absotively, POSOLUTELY correct! —Tigger, The Tigger Movie, ???

Submitted by: Xtine from United Kingdom on Feb. 18, 2006 04:19


(adjective) : fantastic, fabulous, amazing, exciting

You look fantabulous!

Submitted by: Jazzy from Utah on Dec. 17, 2007 23:05

roids (noun) : a shorter term for the word "steroids"

Jason Giambi is rumored to take 'roids.

Submitted by: Jonathan from New York on Feb. 18, 2006 01:22

Harangutang (noun) : A Harangutang is a mythical creature, resembling a lanky, creep ape. His sole purpose in life is to annoy and anger humans. You will often see him smoking menthol cigarettes and fluffing his mullet.

I was shopping at the grocery store yesterday and the Harangutang walked behind me and tripped me. —Aaron Stevens and Brandon Cumby, Dallas, TX, 2/17/06

Submitted by: Aaron Stevens and Brandon Cumb from Texas on Feb. 18, 2006 01:19

spasmo (noun) : A person who is both a spaz and an emo at the same time

Wow, he's so moody and spazmatic, that spasmo. —Katie,

Submitted by: Katie on Feb. 17, 2006 22:51

phonophoresis (noun) : a medical term, a method of aiding or speeding the administration of pain reducing medications with the use of ultrasound

Submitted by: Mark Welch from Texas on Feb. 17, 2006 22:16


(adjective) : Possessing the qualities of a whore. To be whore-ish.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 17, 2006 22:14

Roflmaopmp (abbreviation) : An abbreviation used in online chatrooms that stands for Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off Pissing My Pants. This expression is used to show extreme laughter.

LOL that waz teh funniest!!1!roflmaopmp!1!!!!1one

Submitted by: 1337 on Feb. 17, 2006 21:59

uhmm (interjection) : used on aim and to express one's utter confusion and lack of words to say. Also used in essays and speeches to make ones speech/essay sound/look longer. Most people can't go one sentence without saying it...

Submitted by: Scwintz from New York on Feb. 17, 2006 21:52

Y33+! (interjection) : An expression with origins of "yee" and "woot" in 1337-form.

I ate a pickle! Y33+!

Submitted by: Da Chael from Kentucky on Feb. 17, 2006 21:48

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