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Moonschlincter (noun) : The NASA name for an astronaut that has landed on the moon.

Neil Armstrong was the first ever moonschlincter. —NASA, NASA, 05/23/92

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 23, 2006 20:13

screendrop (verb) : To secretly view another's computer screen.

Joe's desk is in front of mine, so I can't help but screen drop.

Submitted by: ttsjmp from Texas on Feb. 23, 2006 19:34

royil (adjective) : annoying;irksome

you are a royil person

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 23, 2006 18:12


(verb) : to ask a question that is a request

Submitted by: Kira Genovese from New York on Dec. 14, 2014 11:36

fri- (other) : a prefix denoting "Friday". It can be used as fridine (Friday Dining), Fridate (Friday Date)

Submitted by: Man from New York on Feb. 23, 2006 16:05


(adjective) : to be trendy, groovy or happening

When Valerie bought a new skirt, Cortney told her "That is so fetch!"

Submitted by: Anastaisa Beaverhausin from Ohio on Mar. 17, 2007 09:24

loft (noun) : Redesigned, upgraded and up-priced domicile/home regardless of the level of the building in which it is located.

I have been apprised by several acquaintances of a number of different people moving into new "lofts" some of which are even at street level, and some old warehouses that are being "turned into" lofts.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 23, 2006 13:59

celled (verb) : To the exclusion of actual activity around you, becoming too focused on use or observation of a cellular device (such as a cell phone).

"I was in traffic, on the phone and celled out talking to my friend, hit another car and got a ticket. Bad day!"

Submitted by: Jerry Wilson from Texas on Feb. 23, 2006 12:37

fluffernutter (noun) : a sandwich, usually on white bread, comprising peanut butter and marshmallow creme

Some adults still eat fluffernutters as a comfort food.

Submitted by: The Eloquent Hick on Feb. 23, 2006 12:19

fluor-wretched (adjective) : cold clinical light produced by white flourescent bulbs

The fluor-wretched lighting had all the ambience of an abortion parlor.

Submitted by: J Easton from Maryland on Feb. 23, 2006 12:10

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