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(verb) : Developing a deliberate plan to avoid making a decision or action. also Precrastinator, Precrastination, Precreastiloutionary

Sam told Ellen that it is easy to precrastinate, simply clain to need information from others and send them off on impossible tasks.

Submitted by: PEB from Ohio on Oct. 31, 2007 12:22

phattitude (noun) : An appearance of being awesome; a phat attitude; trying to impress others.

He was sporting a phattitude at their initial meeting. —n/a, myself, circa 2006

Submitted by: Phartknokker from Tennessee on Jun. 27, 2006 00:46

remotitis (noun) : The condition of inflammation in the thumb joints due to use of a remote control, especially the overuse or abuse of the remote control.

When the ballgame was rained out he developed remotitis trying to find something to watch all afternoon. —n/a, myself, circa 2005

Submitted by: Phartknokker from Tennessee on Jun. 26, 2006 23:15

dinger (noun) : Television remote control

Quick, honey, the dinger! We need to check the football score!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 26, 2006 19:35


: shortend version of the word "why"

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 04, 2007 09:07

Scoville (adjective) : Spicy-hot, fiery; as in peppers or food. As apposed to to the common usage of "hot" which is ambiguous as it my be confused with hot from the stove or oven. Also apposed to the use of "spicy" which may also be confused with the use of herbs and spices such as cloves or cinnamon.

a. The scoville sauce burned his mouth. b. Is this dish too scoville for the baby? Derived from the name of Scoville the man who came up with the "Scoville scale", a comparative measure of the "heat" of peppers. —Originated myself, Started using the term 10 yrs. ago among friends.

Submitted by: Diana Toone from Arizona on Jun. 26, 2006 10:04


(noun) : a person with nerdy or dorky characteristics; someone who acts foolishly on purpose

Approaching the class clown, the teacher asked, "Jimmy why are you such a goober?"

Submitted by: Jen from Arizona on Mar. 10, 2008 19:46

intelleogoical (adjective) : exhibiting or relating to intelligent design or purpose, especially in a supernatural conception or intervention in nature or the universe

Associating the "Word Of The Day:" teleological, with a recent 'Wall Street Journal’ article voicing university leader’s concerns on changing attitudes of some students and professors on the theory of “Intelligent Design,” has given me an idea for this new term. I have yet to hear this used, but I hope to soon! —Timothy J. Hunt, My own conception, 06/24/2006

Submitted by: Tim Hunt from Oklahoma on Jun. 25, 2006 03:19

statusphere : When a person has reached a very high level of fame, he or she is said to have reached the "statusphere".

The "A-list" party planners only invited celebrities from the statusphere.

Submitted by: Wm Lorenz from Canada on Jun. 24, 2006 15:24

flirtaroosa (verb) : a situation of which 2 or more people are flirting


Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 24, 2006 15:00