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(verb) : to return to a state of order, neatness, or efficiency

Submitted by: YoungBobD from California on Jan. 12, 2011 09:32

phoul (adjective) : Describing the character of a person who creates a "phishing" scam.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 21, 2006 05:43

consuming (adjective) : consuming-a person who is conceited and assuming

That guy really thinks that I like him. He is so consuming.

Submitted by: krizz from Philippines on Apr. 21, 2006 03:41

vinerati (noun) : pl.—persons exceptionally interested in wine

Submitted by: Dave Collette from Louisiana on Apr. 21, 2006 03:07

chillpill (noun) : a fake pill to relax

"Man take a chillpill!"Chilax already!

Submitted by: Liz from California on Apr. 21, 2006 01:56


(verb) : to chill out and relax

Just chillax dude.

Submitted by: Kevin Johnson from North Carolina on May. 14, 2008 19:33

Shroomtastic (adjective) : A combination of the Latin "Shrumus" and "Tasticus"; 1. something that is fantastic, possibly due to the recent consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms. 2. Something that is so spectacular, the person witnessing the magnificence before them debates their own state of consciousness and sobriety.

Dude, that last solo the lead guitarist went into was totally shroomtastic! —Abe Dekat, www.m-w.com, whenever you want to post it

Submitted by: Abe Dekat from Oklahoma on Apr. 20, 2006 22:55


(noun) : Derogatory term for a person, usually a teenager, with moderate to severe facial acne.

"Thank God I went on Accutane," Bill explained to his brother, "I'm no longer a pizza-face like you."

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 20, 2006 20:55

loadie : Slang term for a person who frequently indulges in marijuana consumption.

Only loadies celebrate April 20th as "Pot Holiday."

Submitted by: L.J. Wrought from Virginia on Apr. 20, 2006 20:46

Wootness (interjection) : the state of being woot

Wootness! I can't believe I kissed that girl

Submitted by: Kelly from Illinois on Apr. 20, 2006 20:12