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(verb) : to misinterpret a spoken statement

I misunderheard your case for decomplicating the way we do things here in the office.

Submitted by: Chad Volkert from Georgia Us on Jan. 24, 2009 10:26

benidorm (verb) : When the essential qualities and meaning associated with a word change due to a traumatic event or a slow change in usage.

Such as, “Columbine brings to mind a school shooting and not a flower. 911 brings to mind a terrorist attack and not the emergency number. These words have been benidormed.

Submitted by: Brad Baughman from Idaho on Jun. 12, 2006 01:36

otherkin : Otherkin is a subculture made up of people who describe themselves as being non-human in some way, usually believing themselves to be mythological or legendary creatures.

My friend is an otherkin, and identifies with wolves. —Wikipedia,

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 11, 2006 19:20

tragesty (noun) : A combination of tragedy and travesty. This word was formed while joking sarcastically with my co-workers.

The entire rack fell off the wall? What a tragesty!

Submitted by: Bonnie and Jockey co-workers from Oregon on Jun. 11, 2006 07:11

truncmitted (verb) : A mixture of being truncated and omitted (aka shortened and removed).

Those evil editors truncmitted her essay from the school paper!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 10, 2006 17:28


(noun) : a clever, crafty person who is able to work their way out of tricky situations

That girl is such a friper. The teacher let her turn in her project late because her computer was not working, but that excuse would never work for me.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 10, 2006 17:03

sloof (verb) : To slide or shift position

The liquid sloofed to the right as it flowed in the gutter.

Submitted by: Derek Rhodes from New Hampshire on Jun. 10, 2006 13:28


(noun) : One who is sexually interested in older persons. From the same root as "geriatrics". Opposite of "pedophile".

When the my 13 year old friend said my mother was hot, I accused him of being a gerophile. Other words deriving from the same root could be gerophilic, gerophilia, gerophobic or gerophobia.

Submitted by: Heather H. from Texas on Jun. 10, 2006 03:27


(adjective) : Pertaining to a film.

The movie used different filmatic ideas to get it's theme across. Also to get people to understand the theme.

Submitted by: Wikipedian from Canada on Jun. 20, 2006 13:58

philoetry (noun) : is the combination of philosophy and poetry.

His philoetry combines rhyme with reason reflecting the deeper meaning of our conscious lives. —John Sparacio, Poetry as Poetry, In process - June 2006

Submitted by: John Sparacio from New Jersey on Jun. 09, 2006 19:26