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a'ight (adjective) : [contraction of "all right"] all is well, ok

"How are you feeling today?" "A'ight."

Submitted by: April Roskovensky from Florida on Feb. 02, 2006 12:00

snank (verb) : The hissing sound a cat makes when it is scared by or angry with any thing condsidered to be an intruder or an intrusion.

The kitten will snank at me because it doesn't know me yet.

Submitted by: Lynn from Texas on Feb. 02, 2006 00:29

humpus (noun) : Humpus describes the activity of a cat when it gets suddenly excited and dashes playfully about a room or outside. The playful fit right before it scampers off, runs up a tree, or plays.

Oh, look Petey is having another humpus! —no

Submitted by: Lynn from Texas on Feb. 02, 2006 00:20


(adjective) : Refers to a feeling that previously taunted description. Bliss that is almost excruciatingly painful in its purity, essentially. Coined by me during a late-night phone conversation. Haven't heard anyone except me and the person I was talking to use it yet.

Submitted by: Karen Smith from Ohio on Feb. 01, 2006 23:08


(noun) : email address

Paula gave her new friend her e-dress so they could email each other.

Submitted by: Pam Peterson from Tennessee on Aug. 31, 2008 07:54

Yulp (adverb) : 'Yup' with an 'l', usually added by accident as the 'L' key and the 'P' key are right next to each other on a QWERT keyboard.

So we're on for Friday? Yulp.

Submitted by: Andrew Ferguson from Colorado on Feb. 01, 2006 19:52

phax (noun) : a number that can be used for both fax calls and voice calls.

Submitted by: "Lorenzo" Lawrence from Wyoming on Feb. 01, 2006 18:33


(adjective) : devious and deceptive

his mind works in deceivious ways.

Submitted by: T Clere from Oklahoma on Sep. 24, 2007 16:30

cyberformance (noun) : Live theatrical performance art that uses internet technologies to bring remote (geographically dispersed) performers together in real time. Cyberformance can take place entirely online, for an online audience, or in a physical location for a proximal audience, with some players joining the performance in real time via the internet.

There are now many different artists experimenting in all kinds of forms of cyberformance and networked performance, and using the internet as a medium for live performances. —Helen Varley Jamieson, 2000

Submitted by: Helen Varley Jamieson from New Zealand on Feb. 01, 2006 15:50

Spazticated (adjective) : When someone is acting especially weird about something

That man is so spazticated!

Submitted by: error_with_nickname from United Kingdom on Feb. 01, 2006 14:41

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