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Mopelisk (pron. MOP-uh-lisk) (noun) : A small yellow tower, ususally about 1 meter high, tapered at the top, on which appear the words "wet floor" or "piso mijado," indicating caution should be used.

He slipped on the freshly-mopped floor because he walked past the mopelisk without noticing it.

Submitted by: Paul Biler from Nebraska on May. 07, 2006 11:09

counterquery (verb) : To answer a question with a question.

Socrates would frequently counterquery for two reasons; to probe deeper into his opponent's reasoning and to buy time to think of an answer.

Submitted by: MyBizCoach from Australia on May. 07, 2006 05:52


(noun) : huge or very big

you have a ginormous head

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 19, 2009 22:55

dibbled (adjective) : short version for "double-dipped", as in a donut that is twice-dipped in chocolate.

I'll have a dibbled donut.

Submitted by: Gloria Schwartz on May. 05, 2006 18:39

ham-fisted (adjective) : extremely drunk

I'm going to get ham-fisted tonight. —unknown, unknown, unknown

Submitted by: michael from Colorado on May. 05, 2006 16:56

Liquorcycle (noun) : A vehicle, usually a moped or scooter, driven by those who have lost their driver's licenses from a DWI.

Don't drink and drive or your next vehicle will be a liquorcycle!

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 05, 2006 16:48

D'ambiguous (adjective) : Frustratingly or irritatingly vague and/or confusing.

The Blueprint was so overwhelmingly technical as to be D'ambiguous.

Submitted by: Robert M. McDonald Jr. from Minnesota on May. 05, 2006 12:53

sharky (adjective) : infested with sharks(includes the human variety also)

I want to live my Dream / in a Mansion on the Shore / away from the Poor./ A sandcastle along Hawaii's sandy, sharky shore —treasurelife, "Ready or Not, Hear I Come", May, 2006 (poetry reading)

Submitted by: treasurelife from New York on May. 05, 2006 00:35

larf (noun) : a person who is odiferous and extremely idiotic at the same time.

The football called his team a bunch of larfs because they were slow, smelled awful, and didn't remember the plays.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 04, 2006 20:40


(adjective) : 1. confined to or focusing on a single form or manner of expression or communication. 2. Having only one form and/or function.

“Some writers are monomodal, but I write both novels and poetry.” "The issue is too complex for a monomodal solution." Article Source: “A wide range of modes, ‘visual, written, spoken, aural, performative and gestural’ contribute to meaning-making.... multimodal approaches are theoretically more equita... —Thesen, Lucia,, 2001

Submitted by: Megan Coen from California on May. 04, 2006 18:43