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Islamofascism (noun) : Referring to radical Islam adherents that use terror and violence to perpetuate their beliefs and carry out Jihad.

Defense, alone, does not win football games; neither can it wina war agains islamofascism. —Cal Thomas, Roswell Daily Record, 08/18/2006

Submitted by: Kevin Moore from New Mexico on Aug. 14, 2006 10:22

fatback (noun) : Rolls on the back of a shirtless sunbather.

Glenda has fatback.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 14, 2006 05:55


(noun) : photography that has been edited to misrepresent the subject matter

Submitted by: Dr. Neal Krawetz from Colorado on Aug. 23, 2014 00:42

catastrophenot (noun) : any potentially catatrophic event that fails to occur after being overly hyped.

The much feared bird flu epidemic turned out to be just another catastrophenot.

Submitted by: rick & marisa rempala from Indiana on Aug. 13, 2006 08:18

dyslexion (noun) : The judicially contested national prsidential election of 2000. [Word coined by Michael Angelo Massa, J.D., combining the components of dyslexia (latin derivative for something that goes awry) and the word 'election'.

The Presidential 'Dyslexion' of 2000 proved to be a pivotal watershed year, in the arena of national politics. —Michael A Massa, Online Commentary/Column, Aug 10, 2006

Submitted by: Michael Angelo Massa, J.D. on Aug. 12, 2006 17:59

Cooliorific (adjective) : Very good.

Your bike is cooliorific.

Submitted by: George Colbourne from Alabama on Aug. 12, 2006 17:15

clutch (adjective) : Key, valuable, of critical importance; the perfect thing for the perfect moment[from the phrase "comes through in the clutch," . Also used as an interjection.

I've got all this pudding, a spoon would be so clutch right about now. Also: "Anyone got a lighter?" "Here, I've got one" "Oh, clutch! Thanks" —Art Lundquist,

Submitted by: Artie from New York on Aug. 12, 2006 15:12


(adverb) : in a rapid, exaggerated, or drastic way

Her hemoglobin has decreased dramastically. —Amy Carter-Carla Boehmann,

Submitted by: cbohemian from Kentucky on Mar. 14, 2008 10:04

Nonesponse (noun) : 1. Silence in response to a question as a form of ignoring it 2. A reply to someone that is off their subject matter. SEE Synonyms at tangent and forcrudate.

I felt the effects of Ella's silent treatment as she gave me the nonesponses to all of my questions. Herman's nonesponses were out of bad hearing, not rudeness.

Submitted by: Tony on Aug. 12, 2006 08:18


(adjective) : extraordinarily pleasing to the taste.

This calamari is scrumptulescent! —Will Farrell, SNL

Submitted by: El Jefe from Texas on Dec. 19, 2006 11:52