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premarital-divorce (adjective) : A potential marital relationship dissolved completely with probable consequences or obligations attached to it. A future husband and wife that dissolves all current relations and obligations amicably or with legal ramifications. Dissolution of a relationship that has gone horribly wrong.

If he doesn’t start paying for all of her bills they will definitely be heading towards a premarital-divorce. The couple is experiencing a gruesome premarital-divorce that does not look as though it will end fairly.

Submitted by: Jesse Rottinghaus from Florida on Jul. 20, 2006 23:58


(verb) : to kayak

Last weekend we yakked the Columbia river.

Submitted by: Angie from Washington on Jun. 16, 2010 15:41

ongcio (noun) : A person which is ugly, old and has a deformed face.

Is Arlene an ongcio? —Markova Agoot, malaw-ayng balasahon, June 20, 1990

Submitted by: Markova Agoot from Philippines on Jul. 20, 2006 21:22

travisle (verb) : To travel to an island.

I will travisle to Trinidad next year for my sister's wedding. —Richard Buchanan,

Submitted by: Richard Buchanan from Massachusetts on Jul. 20, 2006 19:44


(noun) : an image or hyperlink that appears when a cursor is moved over a specific point on a web page

Submitted by: Annie Smith from Alabama on Jun. 07, 2014 14:14


(noun) : Atlanta,Georgia

I'm gonna take it down A-town style!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 20, 2006 16:22


(noun) : partents

My rents made me clean my room.

Submitted by: Stephen Campbell from Delaware on Dec. 08, 2007 13:08

Teeterpod (noun) : A person or vehicle, usually in front of the person using the word, going at an excuciatingly slow pace.

We have a teeterpod in front of us.

Submitted by: Sherri Lee Hale from Indiana on Jul. 20, 2006 14:13


(noun) : The western influence of American music. Acts include, hip-hop, soul, dance, rock and pop. Artists include, SMAP, ORANGE RANGE, Ayumi Hamasaki, SPEED (now disbanded), SweetS (disbanded circa 2006) Nanase Aikawa, Utada Hikaru, Morning Musume, Chemistry, DRAGON ASH, Ya-Ya-Yahs, and NewS.

"The newests J-POP artist now are Aikawa Nanase, Utada, Morning Musume and Ayumi Hamasaki.

Submitted by: Rocky from New York on Jul. 20, 2006 10:14

Sentai Snob (Power Rangers Snob) (noun) : A new millenium term used by fans of both the Japanese and American incarnations. Usually depicted to show that one fan likes the other over the previous.

"Are you Anti-Sentite?, No but he's just a little Sentai Snob today." "OMGz PowerRangers rox my soxz."

Submitted by: Rocky from New York on Jul. 20, 2006 09:13