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(verb) : to chill out and relax

Just chillax dude.

Submitted by: Kevin Johnson from North Carolina on May. 14, 2008 19:33

flargy (adjective) : 1- in a dazed, confused or indecisive state 2- in an irritable state

I am so flargy in the morning before my coffee

Submitted by: Mark Shainblum from Canada on Mar. 14, 2006 16:53

nastygram (noun) : a letter of complaint that expresses extreme agitation or dissatisfaction. Likely to be sent via email.

After numerous attempts to resolve my complaint I was forced to send the manager a nastygram.

Submitted by: Sam from Massachusetts on Mar. 14, 2006 14:58


(noun) : one who erroneously believes that simple elision of two previously existing words is sufficient to justify an entry in the open dictoinary.

The open dictionary is being clogged up with inane entries by seemingly endless hordes of thick-headed elisionists.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 14, 2006 12:12


(verb) : to engage in a discussion

In anticipation of the celebrity's appearance, the fans refrained from conversating with one another.

Submitted by: Erica M from New Jersey on Jul. 25, 2008 01:57

Haxxorz (noun) : More then a hacker. Top of the line hacker. Usually seen in Videogames, and not liked very much.

I see that another Haxxorz as entered the server.

Submitted by: Maxime from Canada on Mar. 14, 2006 00:26

phone jockey (noun) : Someone that works in a call center or in any position that calls for constant use of a phone. Also known as a "phone monkey".

I work as a phone jockey doing inbound technical support for Windows XP.

Submitted by: Kara P. from Oregon on Mar. 13, 2006 23:32


(adjective) : ambidextrous in such a way that one can make the Star Trek hand symbol with both hands.

Janie had to practice for a very long time until she became fully Spockidextrous.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 13, 2006 20:05


(adjective) : to be confused and puzzled at the same time

I am very confuzzled! —Urple Urkle Bob Ooberflabben III, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 3/14/08

Submitted by: Alex Yo Mama from California on Mar. 14, 2008 12:20

OCUD (noun) : (Obsessive Cellphone Use Disorder) A person who continually talks on their cellphone in public, while driving, checking out, or eating in a restaurant.

I wish that lady would get off her cellphone and watch the road. Gosh, she must have OCUD or something.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 13, 2006 18:46

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