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zapophyl (noun) : A zapophyl is a person who simply can't be satisfied with a program on a TV channel and keeps switching (zapping)to other channels but still is unsatisfied with what he/she sees. [I used -phyl instead of -phile for the suffix to look different.]

That zapophyl is going to give me a headache, why can't he just be satisfied with a movie or a news program?

Submitted by: B. Korhan Sevinchan from Turkey on Aug. 17, 2006 16:12

Hammerhead (noun) : Any person driving slower than the speed limit; and or having a perma-blinker on.

I am going to be late for class becuase this hammerhead in front of me is doing 30mph in a 45 mph zone. —Kelly PG.,

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 17, 2006 13:36

arachibutyrophobia (noun) : Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of mouth.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 16, 2006 20:05


(adjective) : Delicious, yummy, appetizing.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 16, 2006 20:01

no0b (noun) : a person who is unfamilar with any particualr subject.

Gosh,emma you are such a noob.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 16, 2006 19:20


(verb) : To write and send an email.

E me when you decide where we're having lunch tomorrow.

Submitted by: Lori Brack from Kansas on Aug. 16, 2006 17:23


(verb) : to pull down someone's pants

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 08, 2013 17:19


(noun) : a heterosexual person who does not associate with homosexuals

I'm not a homophobe, I'm a heteroseparatist! —Carl Rowan Morris, YouThink.com, 16 Aug. 2006

Submitted by: Carl Rowan Morris from California on Sep. 19, 2007 17:14

fecterate (verb) : To bastardize or corrupt.

Many fecterated youths are future prison inmates.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 16, 2006 12:27

shmutz (noun) : excess left over from eating something messy; unidentified bits or smudges on the face

Billy, use a napkin and wipe that shmutz off your face. —Justine, 8/15/06

Submitted by: Justine on Aug. 15, 2006 20:26