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Knowledgy (noun) : A person who is extremely interested in knowing something or some things very profoundly. People who are hungry for knowledge. It's a noun and adjective.

He is becoming a knowledgy and can't even stop reading nor study. I'm can't be a knowledgy on that subject, I'd rather study something else. I feel so knowledgy that I wish I could even know more than my teacher. Don't confuse a scholarly person with a knowledgy at all. I'm such a knowledgy, I feel so desperate of learning more than that. —Edwin Perez, My writing, Thursday, April 06, 2006

Submitted by: Edwin Perez from Mexico on Apr. 07, 2006 00:07

bedarkened (adjective) : caused to be dark

They have shined as beacons of truth in this bedarkened world. —Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophesy, 1999

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 06, 2006 21:33

sacrelicious (adjective) : Being an event, person, or thing that manages to simultaneously cross the boundaries of religious strictures and decency, thus being "sacreligious" and "delicious" at the same time.

Viola missed most of Sunday's sermon because she was lost in a sacrelicious daydream about the handsome new minister.

Submitted by: Sarah Peters from Virginia on Apr. 06, 2006 21:08

architexture (noun) : The outer finish and/or feel of a building or structure.

As I ran my hand over the outer wall of the centuries old castle, I realized the architexture was worn in a most pleasing manner. —S. Hunter, 4/6/06

Submitted by: Pandora from Florida on Apr. 06, 2006 20:52


(adjective) : Scientific.

Wow! That is scientifical!

Submitted by: debb from South Carolina on May. 03, 2007 11:37


(noun) : The feeling of having remembered something or someone that one has actually not been exposed or previously introduced to.

My first time waterskiing, I had the strangest sense of prerecognition, as if I had done it before.

Submitted by: Vincent DePaul Oliva from New Hampshire on Apr. 06, 2006 20:04


(noun) : Lunch and dinner combined into one.

Since the couple wasn't that hungry for lunch and dinner seperately, they ate linner instead.

Submitted by: katelyn getz on Mar. 30, 2008 19:20

fliratious (adjective) : having a voracious appetite for flirting and other pleasant dalliances

Submitted by: Sarah Peters from Virginia on Apr. 06, 2006 18:06

dorkwad (noun) : a lot of, a big load of, many at once.

For some reason, my email just delivered a dorkwad of messages all at once.

Submitted by: edward duarte from California on Apr. 06, 2006 16:25

Fluzzy (adjective) : Something that is not quite fluffy but not quite fuzzy.

Have you ever seen those fluzzy bunnies at the pet store?

Submitted by: Ashley G from Missouri on Apr. 06, 2006 00:46

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