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Losner (noun) : Loser/Nerd

Submitted by: Jenn.Desmond from New Jersey on Aug. 01, 2006 15:49

newspaper (verb) : to design, compile, or lay out a newspaper medium; to edit or revise the copy of the medium

He liked editing—"newspapering," he called it—a lot better. —Jennifer Weiner, "In her Shoes", 2002

Submitted by: Nicole Fortuna from Pennsylvania on Aug. 01, 2006 15:01

kolohe (adjective) : rascal in a sexual sense from the Hawaiian language

That girl with the lowcut dress was winking at that boy with such a kolohe look.

Submitted by: kathy from Hawaii on Aug. 01, 2006 05:05

Simbeing (adjective) : Simbeing is a word to describe a person that is fake, phony. A person who cant think for themselves. For short you can use the term Sim.

Most of the girls I meet at the mall are Simbeings. I know so many Sims at work, its crazy.

Submitted by: Kawan Best from New Jersey on Aug. 01, 2006 02:26

textinentially Impaired (adjective) : the inability to text message using a cellular phone

Most parents are textinentially impaired when compared to their children.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Knapp from Pennsylvania on Jul. 31, 2006 21:28

fat finger (verb) : to hit two keys on a keyboard when reaching for only one

There is an extra letter in 'yuou'; I must have fat fingered it.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 31, 2006 16:12

gorp (noun) : Dark black resin that accumulates in smoking pipes from illicit drugs, particularly marijuana. (Colloquial, Central Pennsylvania)

I need a paper clip to clean the gorp out of my pipe.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 31, 2006 14:03

hatemous (adjective) : Expressing hatred or disgust for a person or item for no logical reason

She left me a very hatemous voicemail.

Submitted by: Hilary from Ohio on Jul. 31, 2006 11:58

doof (verb) : to eat food or grub

Let's go doof some burgers at mcdonald's.

Submitted by: beav-unit from Pennsylvania on Jul. 31, 2006 11:54


(noun) : promotional freebies usually having logos

I got some excellent schwag at the car show.

Submitted by: Rick Hansen from Massachusetts on Sep. 07, 2008 00:28