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PDFing (verb) : The act of translating a document into PDF format and sending it.

I will be PDFing the following letter for your use.

Submitted by: Ed Fayda from Pennsylvania on May. 02, 2006 23:57


(verb) : to cause problems on an Internet message board by posting messages that cause other people to argue, become angry, etc.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 02, 2014 22:24

poplectic (adjective) : in a state of serenity achieved when receiving bad news

Consistent with his zen-like perpective, he went poplectic when he heard that his son had totalled his car.

Submitted by: Martin Wilson from Texas on May. 02, 2006 17:48


(noun) : A cross breed of a male lion and female tiger. Because the growth-inhibition genes are only present in female lions and male tigers, the liger is the biggest cat in the world alive today. Often misspelled as ligar.

Although believed by many to be fictional, ligers are real!

Submitted by: Amy Baum from Wisconsin on Jun. 06, 2006 11:51

confoozled (adjective) : to be very confused, synonym for confuzzled, but a lot more fun to say

Trying to comfort a very confoozled friend, she burst into tears.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 02, 2006 16:15

sledboard (verb) : To stand on a sled going down a hill

My friends and I are going sledboarding. —Josh Hewitt, Josh Hewitt, May 2

Submitted by: VilleValo from Ohio on May. 02, 2006 14:31


(verb) : To get beaten badly. (Internet lingo.)

"Dude you just got Pwned!" —Myself, Lots of people,

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 01, 2007 18:01

cain't (other) : Texan slang for can not.

I cain't go today, i have too work.

Submitted by: batman1 from Texas on May. 02, 2006 03:59

beastify (verb) : 1. the opposite of beautify; to make appear ugly or beastly 2. to severely damage

He would beastify himself with excessive weight-training and steroids. She was beastified by years of plastic surgery. His affliction caused the gradual beastification of his body. —Lee Kin Yip Tsang, Apr 2, 2006

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 02, 2006 03:04


(verb) : to apply scientific or engineering knowledge in the inventive use of common items

In high school I once Macgyverized a fan from a coat hanger.

Submitted by: Zubin from California on May. 02, 2006 01:53

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