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Marscrobe (noun) : A hypothetical microorganism present either on or under the Martian surface or in one of the polarcaps.

Although unmanned expeditions to the Red Planet have not detected life, the existence of Marscrobes can not be ruled out.

Submitted by: Neil Califano from Nevada on Apr. 14, 2006 17:47

ninjiate (verb) : to be or act like a ninja; to perform any ninja related actions (steal, sneak, kill, fight, attack); to perform with stealth or skill; to use any form of martial arts.

Submitted by: Mike from Minnesota on Apr. 14, 2006 16:58

Ligious (adjective) : 1. Believing in the present. 2. Life without restraints, a sense of freedom.

Mr. Roberts is a ligious man. He is not bound by the limitations of time, nor is he bound by the unwritten laws of present-day culture. —Gary Iverson, Myself, 4/13/2006

Submitted by: Gary from Illinois on Apr. 14, 2006 15:35

crimgent (adjective) : possessing the simultaneous qualities of critical, immediate and urgent

This crimgent task needed to be done yesterday since human lives and dollars are at stake.

Submitted by: Dave Kline from Pennsylvania on Apr. 14, 2006 13:39


(noun) : an article in a print or electronic publication composed primarily of charts

It takes me longer to research and compile a charticle compared with the regular articles that I write.

Submitted by: John Sailer from New Jersey on Aug. 06, 2008 10:36


(adjective) : A conjunction of the time honored 'shucks' and 'it', to be used in place of darn it or other less savory comments and has the very useful attibute of ryhming with Nantuckett.

Submitted by: corine amato from California on Apr. 14, 2006 00:37

obi-wanism (noun) : A particularly wise saying from Obi-Wan Kenobi, used in a present-day setting.

"The phrase 'from a certain point of view' is a very nice obi-wanism."

Submitted by: Cait from Canada on Apr. 13, 2006 23:54


(noun) : huge or very big

you have a ginormous head

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 19, 2009 22:55


(adjective) : displaying ingenuity

Submitted by: Jeremy from Michigan on Jan. 03, 2014 22:39

ticonym (noun) : A word that is used commonly during speech, but has no real meaning

The ticonym, "like", is used so frequently that is has become a common joke.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 13, 2006 13:13

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