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d6 (noun) : A square six sided die

Roll a d6.

Submitted by: BSC from Virginia on May. 10, 2006 00:33


(noun) : role playing game —used esp. in online or electronic gaming

Have you heard of that new RPG that's coming out next month?

Submitted by: La Ivonne from California on Sep. 27, 2006 00:02

rephasement (verb) : the cyclical process of refining the phase of your x-ray diffraction data.

I will be here working on my rephasement for the rest of the day if you need me. —Justin Hall, Class Notes, 5-5-06

Submitted by: Justin Hall from Oregon on May. 09, 2006 16:47

insilication (noun) : a) the embodiment of vast and/or complex data after processing via a computer algorithm.

the affect of the expermental varables are insilicated here in this spreadsheet —Justin Hall, Software Help Manual, 5-9-06

Submitted by: Justin Hall from Oregon on May. 09, 2006 16:44

statoid (noun) : A primary administrative subdivision of a country. Umbrella term covering states, provinces, departments, counties, territories, governorates, and so on, depending on the specific country.

Is a statoid's capital ever located outside of the statoid itself? —Gwillim Law, 1999

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 09, 2006 13:46

pork out (verb) : To gain a lot of weight

She has really porked out since I last saw her.

Submitted by: KA from Connecticut on May. 09, 2006 12:23


(adjective) : An intellectually demanding concept, problem or issue.

Certain concepts in the study of statistics are a bit wiggy, but careful practice can usually make them understandable.

Submitted by: mary toth from Maryland on May. 09, 2006 12:04


(noun) : a small picture often associated with a person's identification on a chat room, online forum, or instant messaging

Jim's avatar on the instant message featured his self-portrait.

Submitted by: Schlockading from Texas on May. 08, 2006 23:43

Angustation (adjective) : To feel anger, frustration, and agitation all at the same time.

I was feeling quite angustated at work when the customer was yelling at me. —Daniela Mitrovic, My own head

Submitted by: Daniela Mitrovic from Florida on May. 08, 2006 19:31

Boredomific (adjective) : Being overly bored with nothing interesting to do.

Now that the mountain has closed, I feel boredomific because there is nothing to do on the weekend.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 08, 2006 18:14

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