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(noun) : capital expenditure

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 03, 2006 07:32

kinsane (adjective) : 1. (of a relative) Exhibiting or afflicted with insanity. 2. Characteristic of or associated with related persons afflicted with insanity. 3. Intended for use by an insane relative. 4. (of a relative) Exhibiting immoderate jealousy. 5. (of a relative) Very foolish; absurd.

I detest attending those forced social gatherings called reunions with kinsane relatives. —Joshua Silver, self, July 03, 2006

Submitted by: Josh from Pennsylvania on Jul. 03, 2006 00:24

Gulf (verb) : to smack or hit

I'm gonna gulf you in the face.

Submitted by: misery from Louisiana on Jul. 02, 2006 18:48

blutocracy (noun) : US Government's bloated bureaucratic structure

The Hurricane Katrina disaster was the direct result of FEMA's blutocracy. —no, verbal,

Submitted by: marika5000 from Virginia on Jul. 02, 2006 13:52

fadoclast (noun) : A particular form of snobbery where one dislikes or criticizes anything that is considered popular or faddish just because it is popular or faddish.

John is such a fadoclast, he would rather die of thirst than drink Starbucks coffee.

Submitted by: Alex from Virginia on Jul. 02, 2006 13:47

Charbucks (noun) : 1. derisive slang term for Starbucks, due to the aggressive roasting of the coffee it serves (some critics say it tastes charred and over-roasted) 2. name of a dark-roasted coffee blend produced by Black Bear Micro Roastery of Center Tuftonboro, NH, which became part of a highly publicized federal lawsuit.

I needed a coffee fix so bad, I ducked into the first Charbucks I could find.

Submitted by: Alex from Virginia on Jul. 02, 2006 13:11

igmo (noun) : another word for idiot

"You are such an igmo!"

Submitted by: Karrissa & Jessica from Mississippi on Jul. 02, 2006 04:02

pa-ching (other) : another word for whatever or "I don't think so"

"Pa-ching! You aren't wearing my skirt!"

Submitted by: Karrissa & Jessica from Mississippi on Jul. 02, 2006 04:00

logisticize (verb) : A transitive verb. To organize the logistics of (an occasion). To plan (as a trip, party, or major event).

We have so many events to logisticize this year that my siblings with the planning gene will be in ecstasy.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 01, 2006 08:00


(noun) : a state of having or accepting social norms that are very basic, naive, or unintelligent

The government idiocracy was a contributing factor to getting involved in the Iraq war.

Submitted by: L. Alexander E'Aton from Colorado on Feb. 15, 2009 13:21

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