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integrit (noun) : a person who possesses integrity

Remaining honest when it would've been so easy to lie proved that she was a real integrit.

Submitted by: Jennifer from Iowa on Mar. 09, 2006 00:44


(noun) : A virtual toy where you care for a pet. To be annoying.

She is such a tamagotchi \

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 09, 2007 16:05

splash (noun) : The smallest symbol on a drumset. Named for the slash-like sound it immits when struck.

The drummer, when finishing his song, hit the splash to create a fill. —, March 8 2006

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 08, 2006 21:03

parentus maximus wimpus (noun) : A mental condition which inhibits the punishing mechanisms of the brain causeing weak and inconsistant punishment for children's actions.

The weak parent was a prime case of parentus maximus wimpus.

Submitted by: Thurfir Hawat from Michigan on Mar. 08, 2006 18:23


(noun) : (nan-ner) 1. the southern way to say "banana" 2. an odd person or thing

1. I ate a nanner! 2. That dude is as crazy as a nanner!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 01, 2007 17:26

spoochy (adjective) : Highly saturated ground material underfoot; i.e. after a heavy rain.

The sod in the back yard was spoochy after the heavy rain this morning. (Can refer to sod, mud, snow, sand, gravel; any highly saturated ground). —Wendy Sieja, Mostly myself. I've been passing it on to others when asked about outside ground conditions.

Submitted by: Wendy Sieja from Wisconsin on Mar. 08, 2006 13:53

Method air (noun) : a snowboarding move in which an airborne rider grabs the heel edge of her board; also called "Method" for short

The fact is, throwing a Method within sight of the finish line—starting your end zone dance before you cross the goal line—isn't the least bit puzzling to longtime boarders. —Austin Murphy, Sports Illustrated, 2/26/06

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 08, 2006 13:27

Wu Tang steps (noun) : a series of waist-high dips on a snowboardcross course

The Wu Tang steps, a series of waist-high dips through which riders stand straight in the trough, then huck their boards over the lip, favor a taller rider. —Austin Murphy, Sports Illustrated, 2/26/06

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 08, 2006 13:24

snowboardcross (noun) : a four-person snowboard race around a twisting course

Halfpipe and snowboardcross (SBX)—a series of four-person races down a serpentine, jump-strewn course featuring whoops, berms, gates, Wu Tang Steps and more physical contact than "Dancing with the Stars"—is going to be around for many years. —Austin Murphy, Sports Illustrated, 2/27/06

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 08, 2006 13:22

flick- flick (noun) : Remote control for TV. Imitates the sound of flicking through channels

Where's the flick-flick

Submitted by: David Mills from United Kingdom on Mar. 08, 2006 11:57

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