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indefinity (adverb) : being in a state that is indefinite; being without definition.

Without a name, the boy was stuck in a state of indefinity as to what he should be called. —Joseph Johnson, Myself, March 19, 2007

Submitted by: Joseph Johnson from North Carolina on Mar. 19, 2007 13:28


(verb) : to chill out and relax

Just chillax dude.

Submitted by: Kevin Johnson from North Carolina on May. 14, 2008 19:33

Angriation (adjective) : combination of frustration and mad; the highest level of anger

My angriation is rising! —Tarick Kebede, book, March 19, 2007

Submitted by: GeniusPride702 on Mar. 19, 2007 11:55


(noun) : A big, dumb, balding, American ape. [from a Simpson's episode in which Bart plays this word in a Scrabble game]

Wait you little cheater, you're not going anywhere until you tell me what a kwyjibo is! —Simpson's television show, 1990

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 19, 2007 09:38

blint (noun) : The glob of dried product that is found at the dispensing tip of products like lotion and hair conditioner when excess product has accumulated there.

I had to pick the BLINT off of the pump of the lotion bottle.

Submitted by: Chana Eisenstein, DVM from California on Mar. 19, 2007 09:30

Editation (noun) : The action or process of editing.

The following editations will need to be made before this report goes out. —Christen Rice,

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 19, 2007 06:10

commentsation (noun) : On Myspace, a "conversation" through a series of "comments". comment+sation.

We respond with at least one comment each day; our commentsation has lasted about a week.

Submitted by: REV from California on Mar. 19, 2007 01:28

apostrophate (verb) : To add an apostrophe.

It was Johns turn to lead the line. "Johns" needs to be apostrophated for the sentence to be correct.

Submitted by: Mem Dailey from Vermont on Mar. 19, 2007 01:02

penciling (adjective) : used in electrical work when working with motor leads or power cables

in Electrical work

Submitted by: Mike from Texas on Mar. 18, 2007 19:26

vestaphobia (noun) : The fear of not having enough clothes.

A lot of teenage girls have vestaphobia.

Submitted by: Mrs. Waller's 6th grade class from Georgia Us on Mar. 18, 2007 18:07

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