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nibblicious (adjective) : having tasty bits

"The cake decorations were nibblicious." or "He was so nibblicious that I just had to bite his earlobe."

Submitted by: Casey Baker from Texas on May. 04, 2007 15:50

ridicuality (noun) : 1. a ridiculous reality 2. an event, entity, or situation that is laughable and/or confounding

The dumbing of American journalism is a ridicuality of the modern media.

Submitted by: H. William Mason from California on May. 04, 2007 15:32

butt-surf (verb) : To drag ones butt, an activity that canines frequently do, across a rug, carpet, or other satisfying object in an attempt to wipe or itch one's butt.

My dog Reesa butt-surfed on my rug in order to scratch an itch.

Submitted by: mogwai64 from Pennsylvania on May. 04, 2007 15:30

Metaluna (noun) : The name of a planet that is slowly dying from the negative effects of interplanetary war.

They came to Earth from metaluna to seek our help.

Submitted by: J.C. Moore from Pennsylvania on May. 04, 2007 14:47

Chedda' (noun) : A slang term for money.

I had to hit up the mac machine for some chedda'.

Submitted by: J.C. Moore from Pennsylvania on May. 04, 2007 14:41

mulletous (adjective) : having the characteristics of a mullet haircut

Edward's new haircut is very mulletous.

Submitted by: Kimberly from Pennsylvania on May. 04, 2007 13:41

excilantro (adjective) : featuring an especially fresh and delicious Mexican taste, thanks to its tasty green garnish

This enchilado is excilantro!

Submitted by: Jeff from California on May. 04, 2007 13:32

cliff dweller (noun) : A person most often found in groups who congregate on the stoops of building in urban areas particularly in warmer months. As described by Tom Wolfe, people with no where to go.

I had trouble getting into the building because there were so many cliff dwellers on the block.

Submitted by: JA from New York on May. 04, 2007 13:17


(adjective) : a person or persons who had an adversarial relationship but must work with each other out of necessity; a friendly enemy.

Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are now frenemies working to reach out to countries ignored during the Bush Administration.

Submitted by: Escritora69 on Mar. 23, 2009 21:32

Clubisan (noun) : A firm adherent to a club

I realized he was only a clubisan when he quit watching the Champions' League when his favorite club dropped out.

Submitted by: Misjudeen Raji from Texas on May. 04, 2007 12:26