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Turnipin (noun) : A small magical woodland creature that has no mouth and is in the shape of a turnipin. They are eaten by other magical woodland creatures

I saw the unicorn eat four-hundred turnipins

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 24, 2007 22:51


(noun) : the act of watching videos on YouTube

Submitted by: whyshoulditellyou from Washington on Mar. 20, 2012 14:20

reminderize (verb) : 1. to learn, from rote. 2. to commit to memory 3. to recall something because of this method

I needed to remember the answers to the test so, I reminderized them.

Submitted by: Michael C. from New Jersey on Apr. 24, 2007 21:17

hippity-hoppity (adverb) : To do something quickly.

Finish the homework, and do it hippity-hoppity.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 24, 2007 21:15

alinea (noun) : the beginning of a new train of thought

His concept was the alinea where all other software design models followed.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 24, 2007 19:47

Googleschnooping (verb) : Using information on one web site as the Google search word to find another link, then another, and another, until you find relatively unknown information on the subject. A more focused, intense, time-consuming, and scholarly form of net surfing.

"I was Googleschnooping 'bio-identical hormones' and found out their new product release is going to be delayed because of a worker's strike that could take months."

Submitted by: Anne Hillebrand from Florida on Apr. 24, 2007 18:58

vendovore (noun) : One who constantly eats junk food or from a vending machine

If you eat from McDonald's everyday, you may be a vendovore.

Submitted by: Nick Carleson from Oregon on Apr. 24, 2007 18:35

ubertasticle (adjective) : 1. cool or awsome 2. used in a sarcastic manner often to mean something has gone wrong

That shirt is ubertasticle. This dumb show is ubertasticle.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 24, 2007 18:23

Summerswirl (noun) : 1. Any love sparked in the Summer season 2. Dating only during the Summer and breaking up with before the Fall. 3. Summer Love

Did you hear about her Summerswirl last year? The poor boy expected it to be more than just Summer Love.

Submitted by: Kaitlyn from North Carolina on Apr. 24, 2007 18:10


(adjective) : attractive in a way that is more than cute but not quite beautiful

Submitted by: Don Richardson from Arkansas on Jun. 07, 2013 16:46