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sublame (noun) : An act or a situation which occurs that is worse than lame.

The band that I went to see last night performed worse than bad. In fact, they were untalented and indeed sublame! —Nick Canadeo, person, unknown

Submitted by: Slick Nick from Wisconsin on Apr. 09, 2007 04:46

FARD (verb) : To fard is to primp, to focus one's attention on appearanceor hair and makeup

She was cited for "farding while driving" causing the accident. —?, LA Times, 1980s

Submitted by: CHERYL BAINE, RN from Oklahoma on Apr. 09, 2007 02:55

mousitis (noun) : condition causing pain (muscle spasms/tightness/tendon pain) resulting from hyperextension of the dominant arm secondary to use of a computer mouse-see "Tennis Elbow"

All this medical charting on the computer is giving me mousitis

Submitted by: CHERYL BAINE, RN from Oklahoma on Apr. 09, 2007 02:19

scototaxis (noun) : movement toward darkness, away from light

Roaches exhibit positive scototaxis when a light is turned on.

Submitted by: Deb V. Bascombe from New York on Apr. 08, 2007 20:05


(other) : an exclamation; a song in "Mary Poppins"

I loved the song "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" in the movie "Mary Poppins". —Sherman Brothers, Mary Poppins, August 27, 1964

Submitted by: Galen and Brennan from Florida on Jan. 09, 2008 21:39


(noun) : pen;something to write with

I used a frindle to write my essay.

Submitted by: Emily Rasch from Louisiana on Apr. 28, 2008 18:49

Voldemort (noun) : the feared name of the sorceror often described as the most powerful and evil ever to walk the earth; from the Harry Potter series, a word used to describe death of fear

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 08, 2007 15:26

real talk (noun) : Something that is said and is true.

"Yeah, that be true. It's real talk, real talk!"

Submitted by: Shamiqua Blackwell on Apr. 08, 2007 13:16


(adverb) : At a time that is not definite.

"I'll be there soonish."

Submitted by: Joe from Illinois on Apr. 08, 2007 13:13

contravening conjunction (noun) : A word that joins two complete thoughts in one sentence but with effect that the second thought erases or diminishes the first thought.

In the sentence "I love you, but you get on my nerves," "but" is a contravening conjunction.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 08, 2007 06:08

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