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bionic (adjective) : someone who excels

Crissy is a bionic salesperson.

Submitted by: Ryan Tanauan from Philippines on Mar. 09, 2007 23:54

techno-absolutist (noun) : someone who believes technology will be the salvation of mankind eventually replacing the need for God.

Submitted by: voodootech from California on Mar. 09, 2007 22:23


(noun) : a not-so-veiled attempt to besmirch a person's character and reputation

The article was filled with half-truths and insinuendo.

Submitted by: Don Johnson from Maryland on Oct. 22, 2008 09:37

donsey (adjective) : Not really sick but just feeling lousy

I'm not sick; I just feel donsey.

Submitted by: Krysten from Louisiana on Mar. 09, 2007 17:40

Zhe (other) : (Pronoun) /Pronunciation: Zee/ He or She

"I need to talk a customer service representative. Zhe should be able to help answer my question."

Submitted by: Patrick Harrington from Texas on Mar. 09, 2007 16:31

pedestrious (adjective) : Savvy about getting around by foot.

Submitted by: Chris Hawn from New Jersey on Mar. 09, 2007 14:43

Sheet Rain (noun) : Rain that pours down so fast and heavy it resembles verticle sheets of water to the viewer.

I was caught in the open during some sheet rain and was drenched in seconds.

Submitted by: Khisanth from Michigan on Mar. 09, 2007 14:24

Trench (verb) : To engage in excessive speeding; implies movement so fast a ditch or "trech" is created by the passing object or person.

"I want them to know I can tear a** around their galaxy, and totally trench thier galaxy." —ATHF episode

Submitted by: Khisanth from Michigan on Mar. 09, 2007 14:19

Windshipers (noun) : pronounced wind-shy-pers; a slang abbreveation of wind shield wipers.

The snow was coming down so fast on his car, his windshipers could hardly keep up.

Submitted by: Khisanth from Michigan on Mar. 09, 2007 14:11

gadabatic (adjective) : of or relating to, having characteristics of a gadabout.

Although the friends had certain gadabatic personalities, they sat around the fire, tired and bored. —Ray (5th grader), original text for classroom assignment, 2/6/07

Submitted by: Ray from Washington on Mar. 09, 2007 12:19

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