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chronosome (noun) : (Gr khronos, time + Gr soma, body; cf. chromosome) a unit of historical heredity, in contrast with a chromosome as a unit of biological heredity; a mental code of a historical period that is transmitted to subsequent generations through styles, traditions, and "cultural air."

The chronosomes of the early 20th c. avant-garde reached the generation of the 1960s and shaped its political views and artistic styles. This generation of the 2000s has different chronosomes than we had in the 1990s. —Vitaly Kolmanovsky, Mikhail Epstein, Predictionary, 2003

Submitted by: Mikhail Epstein from Georgia Us on Mar. 31, 2007 17:39

chronopathy (noun) : (Gr khronos, time + Gr patheia, suffering) a temporality disorder, a deficiency of time sense; inability to manage time, to comply with schedules, etc. Chronopathy is the undiagnosed cause of many social disorders and career failures. chronopath a person who suffers from chronopathy, a disorder of time sensibility.

Why are you always late? Are you a chronopath? He has no ill intentions or disrespect when he misses one appointment after another. Since childhood, he has been severely chronopathic. —Mikhail Epstein, Predictionary, 2002

Submitted by: Mikhail Epstein from Georgia Us on Mar. 31, 2007 17:35

chronocracy (noun) : (Gr khronos, time + Gr kratia, power or rule) rule by the laws of time and by the force of temporality; a form of government imposing time constraints on all authorities. Under chronocracy, presidents, computers, car models, artistic trends, dress cuts, textbooks have to change periodically to maintain their authoritative status as "new....

Who rules in America, demos or chronos? America is a chronocracy no less than a democracy, with a rigid system of enforced change on all levels, from political leaders to dress fashions and technological designs. —Mikhail Epstein, Predictionary, 2002

Submitted by: Mikhail Epstein from Georgia Us on Mar. 31, 2007 17:28

chronocide (noun) : (Gr khronos, time + Lat cidum, from caedere, to slay; cf. genocide, homicide, parricide) - the murder of time, the violent interruption of historical succession and continuity.

Any revolution is a form of chronocide: the past and present are sacrificed to the future. Any counterrevolution is also a chronocide: the present and the future are sacrificed to the past. —Mikhail Epstein, Essay: "Chronocide: a Prologue to the Resurrection of Time.", 1999

Submitted by: Mikhail Epstein from Georgia Us on Mar. 31, 2007 17:18

fluffiality (noun) : The quality or state of fluffiness; condition or fact relating to fullness of one's hair or coat; the complex of characteristics that distinguishes the texture and/or aeriness of hair or fur to the touch.

Her fluffiality depended on the last time she had a bath as well as whether or not a conditioner was used. —Mary-Margaret O'Brien, March 31, 2007

Submitted by: Mary-Margaret O'Brien from California on Mar. 31, 2007 16:15

cellubore (noun) : a person whose use of his/her cell phone is out of control to the annoyance and inconvenience of others

I waited for 15 minutes for my waiter at the tavern the other night because he was tied up waiting for a cellubore at another table to get off the phone and give his order.

Submitted by: Donna Potter from Rhode Island on Mar. 31, 2007 15:32

Stuplicity (noun) : 1. Deceitfully acting or speaking stupidly; behaving stupidly with the intention of deceiving another about one's intelligence; 2. Acting stupid in one way while being stupid in another.

Betting heavily on a pair of twos was an act of stuplicity that paid off later as Hunter fooled the other players around the table into believing he didn't know the game of poker.

Submitted by: Tony Wyman from Ohio on Mar. 31, 2007 14:29

tenderlovingmercies (verb) : three words ... that being combined best describe the compassions of GOD

HIS tenderlovingmercies left no doubt that one might be saved from the oncoming disaster.

Submitted by: akrmer from Indiana on Mar. 30, 2007 21:45

undersplain (verb) : to understand and explain

Emotions are difficult to undersplain.

Submitted by: Jessica Friede from Indiana on Mar. 30, 2007 20:02

gerate (verb) : to age or grow old

The geration of the human population will significantly effect the economic structure of Social Security over the next 30 years.

Submitted by: Dan Marlow from Missouri on Mar. 30, 2007 16:26

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