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incapetent (adjective) : A person is both incapable and incompetent.

The person we got to do the work was incapetent.

Submitted by: Raj from United Kingdom on Apr. 02, 2007 08:18

humanure (noun) : manure prepared by composting human excreta without the use of water

Conduct agricultural research on the effect of humanure and on the various aspects of ECOSAN (ecological sanitation latrine). —Pragya Shrestha, resume, 25 March 2007

Submitted by: Poornabhadra Adiga from Nepal on Apr. 02, 2007 05:16

flapjacked (verb) : To be hit be a car and flipped over the hood and roof, similar to a flapjack. To rotate about the z-axis with arms flailing.

1. The paperboy was accidently flapjacked when he rode through the intersection. 2. Yo, let's creep around this corner and flapjack this fool.

Submitted by: Proxie from California on Apr. 02, 2007 01:54

manity (noun) : Male vanity. To hold ones self in the highest regards. Conceited and self absorbed.

He showed his true manity when he used his portrait as the "future" of Men's Health.

Submitted by: Proxie from California on Apr. 02, 2007 01:40

telovangelist (noun) : a person whose use of his/her cell phone to the annoyance and inconvenience of others

The telovangelist was heard throughout the movie theater.

Submitted by: Proxie from California on Apr. 02, 2007 01:28

fungasm (noun) : Slang for the state surpassing the normal boundaries of the noun "fun" and entering an entirely new state of euphoria.

The show was a ball, but the afterparty was a fungasm!

Submitted by: Cinnamon from Hawaii on Apr. 01, 2007 23:27

shortcuffer (noun) : One who rolls up or folds up the lower hem of their shorts

Two shortcuffers enjoyed a walk through the shallow surf without risk of getting their clothing wet.

Submitted by: Joe Dirienzo from Wisconsin on Apr. 01, 2007 22:15

Ho Tonk (noun) : A genre of Music developed in Victoria, B.C. It is an experamental sound that combines roots/bluegrass/county/punk/hip hop and is open to all styles. The first noted Ho Tonk band is "Ball Gag n' Chain Gang". Standard Ho Tonk instrumentation is Guitar/Banjo/Lap Steel/Bass Guitar and industrial drum set.

Here to dole out the Ho Tonk. —Steve Craik, Live Victoria, Oct. 06

Submitted by: jeevs from Canada on Apr. 01, 2007 21:35


(adjective) : feeling depressed or bored.

I feel so blarg because of the rain.

Submitted by: Lilbrat from Massachusetts on Apr. 01, 2007 19:29


(adjective) : an emotional being

She is so emo.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 28, 2007 12:00

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