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Owe Canada (other) : Canadian Federal Taxation Agency

I have just submitted my 2007 Owe Canada return

Submitted by: Cam from Canada on Apr. 28, 2007 20:17


(noun) : That frustrating line of dust along the lip of the dustpan that simply will not go in. Frustration-dust = Frust

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 28, 2008 14:10

Intervore (adjective) : A person that is always on the internet

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 28, 2007 16:17

Forceress (noun) : [Force + Sorceress.] A person who in "magical" (incredible) ways forces people to do things.

I don't know how she made me do it; she's a forceress!

Submitted by: Rinth from Sweden on Apr. 28, 2007 15:48


(noun) : In Texas Hold'em style Poker this is the unpaired hole card when a player has a hand that includes a pair using exactly one of their two hole cards.

I have top pair with an Ace kicker. Your kicker beats mine.

Submitted by: Andy Reagan from California on May. 25, 2007 14:18

Runable (verb) : Car that can run after damage or accident.

Is that car runable? —NASCAR, Dale E., Jr.

Submitted by: John Barbeisch from New York on Apr. 28, 2007 14:12


(noun) : pen;something to write with

I used a frindle to write my essay.

Submitted by: Emily Rasch from Louisiana on Apr. 28, 2008 18:49


(adjective) : being low on energy

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 05, 2008 09:46

Smunky (adjective) : A combination of the words smooth and funky especially when relating to the description of musical beats. (i.e. hip hop, jazz and r&b)

When listening to hip-hop and rap songs, I especially enjoy the cuts with the smunky beats.

Submitted by: janamick1 from California on Apr. 28, 2007 03:56


(noun) : the back of the knee

Submitted by: Mark Pippin from Florida on Apr. 05, 2013 20:47