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phonashionship (noun) : a relationship that is conducted by telephone

Submitted by: on May. 28, 2016 22:00


(noun) : an expression of dislike or criticism

I was expecting a compliment, but instead i got a nonpliment.

Submitted by: Jesse Shepley from Canada on May. 26, 2016 22:41

cringery (noun) : the state condition of being cringeworthy

The Hoopers commercial for State Farm contains an intense amount of cringery.

Submitted by: Awec from Pennsylvania on May. 26, 2016 13:21

sideboob (noun) : the side of a woman's breast

Former Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman flashed a hint of sideboob in a sheer powder blue gown on Wednesday night. —ZOE SHENTON, CLAIRE RUTTER, The Daily Mirror (Mirror.Co.UK), 25 MAY 2016

Submitted by: on May. 26, 2016 04:21

Osborne (noun) : to announce a product prematurely and to disadvantage

I'm not buying the company's stock because it seems to be Osborning itself.

Submitted by: Timothy from Canada on May. 26, 2016 03:29

residrink (noun) : the white ring that a cup or glass can leave on a table or other wood surface

There was a residrink on the table after James left his cup there overnight.

Submitted by: Stoney Murphy from Texas on May. 25, 2016 15:06


(adjective) : ugly in a cute way

I got a new goldfish yesterday and it's so pugly!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan. 31, 2017 20:14

textashionship (noun) : a relationship that consists only of texting

Submitted by: Mark Capozzelli from Texas on May. 22, 2016 22:09

minion (verb) : to perform tasks as a minion

I can't come with you right now because I am minioning for my parents.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 20, 2016 17:57

suicidality (noun) : the mindset of someone contemplating suicide

Depression, hopelessness, and social isolation can contribute to an individual's suicidality. —Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey, Cindy Corey, Patrick Callanan, Issues and Ethics ..., 2014

Submitted by: Robert J. Ambrose from Pennsylvania on May. 20, 2016 10:16