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fake news (noun) : inaccurate or fabricated reports presented as legitimate news in order to deceive

Sentence: The fake news is alarming.

Submitted by: JODI JILL from California on Jan. 11, 2017 16:49

bratsplain (verb) : to explain something to someone older

Those who in the past would have been in the prime of their careers are now obsolete and bratsplained to by their callow young replacements. I hate it all. —Jon Talton, The Seattle Times, January 8, 2017

Submitted by: Sue from Indiana on Jan. 08, 2017 13:10

famfie (noun) : a family selfie

Submitted by: DMS92 from Canada on Jan. 06, 2017 15:22

artgumentative (adjective) : argumentative about art : tending to engage in passionate discussions about art and art history

My friend and I got into a artgumentative discussion on the latest Myazaki film.

Submitted by: Leslie Friedman on Jan. 05, 2017 14:31


(adjective) : extremely breathtaking and magnificent : awesome

Once we began to hike down the long path of The Grand Canyon, we realized how prodiginous the view and scenery were.

Submitted by: Bella Myer and Elspeth Keyes from California on Jan. 04, 2017 01:57


(verb) : to take down Christmas decorations and put them away

The family went about dechristmasing the house a couple days after the New Year began.

Submitted by: Ian Hipp from Texas on Jan. 03, 2017 17:06

malignant neglect (noun) : allowing or creating a dilemma then refusing to address the consequences

Submitted by: Y—I from Florida on Jan. 03, 2017 17:00

pronunciate (verb) : pronounce

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 22, 2016 16:14

epicaricacy (noun) : enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others : schadenfreude

Submitted by: CSW from Alabama on Dec. 22, 2016 13:01

double double (noun) : coffee with two creams and two sugars

Submitted by: on Dec. 21, 2016 23:42