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(noun) : the killing of time

Submitted by: Phiawarrior from Florida on Jul. 21, 2016 12:52


(verb) : a vacation taken out of obligation and not for fun, enjoyment, or relaxation

We are hoping to take a real vacation somewhere warm this year in addition to our usual oblication to visit the in-laws.

Submitted by: Jennifer Munchbach from Kentucky on Jul. 20, 2016 14:40

wext (verb) : to walk and text at the same time

Submitted by: Solly from South Carolina on Jul. 19, 2016 08:57

shideous (adjective) : shameful and hideous

That report was shideous.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 19, 2016 00:07

uncomplicate (verb) : to simplify something

The bank helped us uncomplicate our financial situation.

Submitted by: on Jul. 18, 2016 19:51


(verb) : the murder of a person by his or her government

Submitted by: Ben Hamilton from Maine on Jul. 17, 2016 20:15


(noun) : the front part of the body between the neck and the waist : chest

Submitted by: Lizanya from California on Jul. 17, 2016 00:26

bejumbled (adjective) : confused : discombobulated

I don't understand what you\'re trying to say? I'm bejumbled!

Submitted by: Brothers from Pennsylvania on Jul. 16, 2016 13:07

linkulitus (noun) : the tendency to send numerous Web links to others frequently

Jacky has linkulitus. All she ever does it send me links to stuff on Imgur.

Submitted by: Kris Bjornsen on Jul. 16, 2016 10:18

vegas (adjective) : capable of keeping a secret

If you promise that you're vegas, I'll share my secret with you.

Submitted by: on Jul. 14, 2016 16:03