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(adjective) : adorable or sweet

My German Shepherd, Megan, is adogable.

Submitted by: Jonathan Narr from New York on Mar. 16, 2017 23:07

dieselfunk (noun) : a genre of Afrofuturism that blends science fiction and fantasy with afrocentricity, 20th century racial tropes, and diesel/atomic age based technology

In the words of Balogun Ojetade, Dieselfunk is a type of fiction, film and fashion that combines the style and mood of the period between World War I and the early 1950s with Afrofuturistic inspiration. —http://mvmediaatl.com/dieselfunk.html

Submitted by: on Mar. 16, 2017 14:01

steamfunk (noun) : a sub-genre of Afrofuturism which blends science fiction and fantasy, the sensibilities of Victorian era history, and Industrial age technology culminating in narratives of race and ethnicity

Steamfunk is the Afrocentric variant of Steampunk.

Submitted by: Tim Fielder from New York on Mar. 16, 2017 13:51

Hamilfan (noun) : a fan of the hit musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Hamilfans lined up outside Richard Rogers theater to see the cast.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 15, 2017 19:39

Merriam-Webster comma (noun) : serial comma

Is is true that, in some sentences, the Merriam-Webster comma is necessary to use?

Submitted by: on Mar. 15, 2017 08:22


(noun) : the study of tri-incidences

Triknowlogy would describe the coming together of a numerator, a denominator, and an exponent as a number.

Submitted by: paul schallmo from New York on Mar. 13, 2017 07:15

screenshoot (verb) : to take a screenshot of something

The app notifies the sender if the recipient screenshoots the message.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 11, 2017 23:04

micro-financier (noun) : a group or entity that finances small businesses

His business got help from micro-financiers.

Submitted by: Joséf Garcà from New York on Mar. 11, 2017 18:43

phubbing (noun) : the practice of ignoring one's companions in order to pay attention to one's phone or other mobile device

Phubbing is just one symptom of our increasing reliance on mobile phones and the Internet.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 11, 2017 18:35

intipsicated (adjective) : mildly inebriated : tipsy

Joe is intipsicated after drinking two Herradura tequilas.

Submitted by: Kyle W. Young from Illinois on Mar. 11, 2017 14:55