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taggravation (noun) : the irritation you get from tags on the neck and the waist of clothing.

I have a severe case of taggravation from the new Tshirt I have on.

Submitted by: Diana Giles from Texas on Aug. 17, 2017 12:06

Branddict (adjective) : A person who is addicted to a particular brand.

He is branddict of Gucci. —Ashna singh, August 17 2017

Submitted by: Ashna singh from India on Aug. 17, 2017 11:34

Thalassophile (noun) : A person who loves the seas and oceans.

Submitted by: Kat on Aug. 17, 2017 11:24

greeble (noun) : a detail added to the surface of a larger object that makes it appear more complex

We added some greebles to the model spaceship to give it more detail.

Submitted by: Dylan Maithonis from California on Aug. 16, 2017 00:29

daifuku (noun) : a Japanese rice cake filled with red bean paste and served as a dessert

Submitted by: on Aug. 15, 2017 20:15

zhuzh (verb) : to add the final touch that rounds out or makes the desired overall look or effect : to add style or pizzazz to something (such as an outfit)

The design consultant zhuzhed her overall look by adding a bangle to the runway model's wrist.

Submitted by: Gary from Texas on Aug. 15, 2017 11:22

successipe (noun) : a method to attain success : recipe for success

If you work hard every day, and you never stop listening and learning, and you always keep your goals in sight—that is a successipe.

Submitted by: Ron Breakfast from California on Aug. 12, 2017 21:46

thymiophile (noun) : a lover of rhymes

Submitted by: Hunter Stacks from Mississippi on Aug. 12, 2017 09:43


(noun) : a computer program that downloads podcasts or other media from an RSS or XML feed

Tom uses a podcatcher to download podcasts so he can listen to them later.

Submitted by: Ryen James from Oregon on Aug. 09, 2017 23:27

MarioPlex (noun) : a number equal to 10 raised to the 12341st power

Submitted by: Wayland Li from Massachusetts on Aug. 06, 2017 22:52