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chillcation (noun) : a relaxing vacation

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wispies (noun) : hairs that stick out after you style your hair : fly-away hairs

The things that ruin a ponytail are wispies.

Submitted by: Bhavya on Mar. 14, 2018 17:07

redredge (verb) : to suddenly and involuntary remember an embarrassing or shameful past action or event

Ashley was in her car and began to redredge about her recital, which made her gloomy for the rest of the ride.

Submitted by: on Mar. 14, 2018 04:02


(noun) : a lover of rain : someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

My friend was a pluviophile.

Submitted by: DD from California on Mar. 13, 2018 12:11

Tuckerization (noun) : the use of a person's name and sometimes other characteristics in an original story as an in-joke

"We're not talking about simply placing you in a graphic novel," Brendan said. "This isn't Tuckerization." —David Alan Jones, Drawn, 2018

Submitted by: Erin Penn from North Carolina on Mar. 12, 2018 22:00

discrumptious (adjective) : gross : disgusting

The expired milk was discrumptious.

Submitted by: on Mar. 12, 2018 20:44

Angelversary (noun) : the date associated with the loss or death of a loved one

February 17th 2013 is my son's Angelversary.

Submitted by: KARI SMITH from Canada on Mar. 10, 2018 15:27

Fraturday (noun) : a production period in the film and television industry in which work begins on Friday and ends on Saturday

I worked a Fraturday so I'm sleeping this weekend.

Submitted by: S Paliferro from California on Mar. 10, 2018 12:18


(adjective) : above average

The grades on the Chemistry test were superpar, ranging from 97 to 100.

Submitted by: Isha from Texas on Mar. 09, 2018 13:42

covalilating (noun) : the process through which two molecules form a covalent bond

Submitted by: KillerRhino1919 from Virginia on Mar. 08, 2018 12:14