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chillcation (noun) : a relaxing vacation

Submitted by: Daffodill from Missouri Jan. 10, 2013 16:01

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shawty (noun) : a girl a woman

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 31, 2014 00:52

dekad (noun) : a period of ten consecutive days

Submitted by: David Woods from South Africa on Oct. 30, 2014 02:32

equivilize (verb) : equalize

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 29, 2014 01:14

Grafstract Expressionism

(noun) : a style of art that is a fusion of graffiti, street art, and abstract art

Submitted by: on Oct. 28, 2014 08:19

pay-to-play (noun) : indirect or undercover payment for a commercial or political favor —usually used before another noun

If New Jersey determines that General Catalyst did indeed violate state pay-to-play rules, it has the option to void its $15 million commitment and insist that the entire principal be repaid. —Dan Primack,, May 16, 2014

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 27, 2014 21:10

XIR (abbreviation) : executive in residence

Sagan, 54, will be a partner at the firm and also a member of its XIR program, in which experienced executives take a more active role in companies backed by General Catalyst. —Michael B. Farrell, Boston Globe, January 30, 2014

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 27, 2014 20:13

childist (noun) : a person who discriminates against children

Submitted by: lucas from Colorado on Oct. 27, 2014 16:37

desairology (noun) : a branch of cosmetology specializing in treatment of the hair, nails, and skin of a deceased person prior to burial

Submitted by: Miss Noella from Florida on Oct. 26, 2014 14:20

rightitude (noun) : the quality or state of being right

Submitted by: Paul Carlson from Minnesota on Oct. 25, 2014 13:43

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