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chillcation (noun) : a relaxing vacation

Submitted by: Daffodill from Missouri Jan. 10, 2013 16:01

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solds (noun) : real estate sales

Submitted by: Eric Frantz from Florida on Apr. 21, 2014 08:58

ondol (noun) : a Korean system of underfloor heating

The government plans to have the nation's traditional underfloor heating system, or 'ondol,' listed as a piece of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. —The Chosun Ilbo, April 22, 2014

Submitted by: Jung "Sarah" Seo Hyu from Korea South on Apr. 21, 2014 01:51

manhua (noun) : a Chinese comic book or graphic novel

Submitted by: Hadster from North Carolina on Apr. 20, 2014 11:33

banh mi (noun) : a long, thin loaf of Vietnamese bread

Submitted by: on Apr. 20, 2014 06:16

rickroll (verb) : to link an internet user to a video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by singer Rick Astley, usually as a practical joke

A friend used his email to rickroll me yesterday.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 19, 2014 22:56

postvention (noun) : support given to individuals and communities after a suicide

Submitted by: Michael Price from Alabama on Apr. 19, 2014 15:33

reswellience (noun) : the state or condition of being well and resilient

Submitted by: James Pietrek, DC from California on Apr. 19, 2014 01:16

LYPS (abbreviation) : light years per second

Submitted by: on Apr. 18, 2014 16:46

anigraphy (noun) : the animation of calligraphy

Submitted by: Marion Tzui Yang from New Mexico on Apr. 17, 2014 05:40

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