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chillcation (noun) : a relaxing vacation

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gatopardism (noun) : a situation where change is more apparent than real

Perhaps everyday something changes so that everything remains the same: In the logic of gatopardism, continuity prevails. —Gisela Espinosa Damian, Academic paper translated into English, forthcoming

Submitted by: Michael Pickard from Mexico on Jun. 19, 2017 18:19


(noun) : a philosophy which assigns a negative value to birth and to having children

Since I started reading literature about antinatalism, I have changed my mind and decided not to have children.

Submitted by: Kathleen E Otley from Delaware on Jun. 18, 2017 01:45


(noun) : a rhetorical strategy whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or otherwise insulting remark to another person in order to undermine their confidence

You can lower or change another person's value or choice in relation to yours with quick lines by negging. For example: A shoe seller to his/her customer "You know, I like your outfit, but your shoes don't really match. You should have gone with tan boots."

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 17, 2017 03:40

trool (noun) : an internet troll that is paid by a third party to attack someone on the internet

He was a trool of the political party that was trying to control the narrative.

Submitted by: Mongoree from California on Jun. 16, 2017 20:22

staddy (noun) : a clever name for a person's stepfather that denotes affection and respect without diminishing the role of that person's biological father in his or her life

Submitted by: LaVerne from Virginia on Jun. 16, 2017 14:11

paintain (verb) : to painfully maintain old software or hardware

I was paintaining that old crappy server again.

Submitted by: David Bowen from Washington on Jun. 16, 2017 13:53

Sprummer (noun) : the time of late spring and early summer

Sprummer weather is beautiful, when it is warm but not to hot.

Submitted by: on Jun. 11, 2017 09:19


(noun) : clothing suitable for modest engagements and functions; broadly: clothing designed for covering up the body for the preservation of modesty

Submitted by: Abdullah Baig from Virginia on Jun. 10, 2017 04:43

monoargumental (adjective) : demanding only one argument

The monoargumental unaccusative verbs are divided into five classes.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 08, 2017 14:27