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(noun) : entertainment that is fun

(noun) : fun entertainment

With no funtertainment, people can get bored.

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translanguaging (noun) : the process through which multilingual language users mediate complex social and cognitive activities through strategic employment of multiple semiotic resources to act, to know, and to be

Children were found to engage in a variety of translanguaging practices.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 23, 2016 14:11

waifu (noun) : a favorite female character in anime

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 23, 2016 13:11

platoonist (noun) : soldier

Submitted by: on Jun. 20, 2016 17:53

metatrepidation (noun) : intense fright

The movie was known to cause metatrepidation.

Submitted by: on Jun. 20, 2016 05:37

damnationdom (noun) : hell

Submitted by: on Jun. 20, 2016 03:37

honeycomb hole (noun) : an astronomical hole of big bangs or universes

Submitted by: on Jun. 20, 2016 03:30

refactoring (noun) : the process of restructuring existing computer code by changing the factoring without changing its external behavior

Zelenograd set about the arduous task of refactoring the extensive code base.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 18, 2016 17:15

citronette (noun) : a citrus-based salad dressing

When making a citronette, whisk oils and citrus juice well to blend.

Submitted by: Chef Zo from Alabama on Jun. 18, 2016 12:27

sarcasmist (noun) : a person specializing in or noted for sarcasm

Submitted by: Brad from Indiana on Jun. 17, 2016 20:27