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(noun) : entertainment that is fun

Submitted by: Anonymous Jan. 10, 2013 09:41

(noun) : fun entertainment

With no funtertainment, people can get bored.

Submitted by: Sudheendran T L from India Feb. 22, 2007 07:24

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zonkey (noun) : a hybrid animal that is a mix between a zebra and a donkey

Submitted by: on Sep. 03, 2015 15:15

adorabolical (adjective) : adorable and diabolical

Submitted by: Stan G.M. from Nebraska on Sep. 03, 2015 13:59

boo-ya (interjection) : used as an expression of joy and excitement

Boo-ya! I got an A on my history test!

Submitted by: on Sep. 03, 2015 11:41

emojinally (adverb) : using emoji

Submitted by: on Sep. 02, 2015 01:54


(adjective) : using emoji

Submitted by: Laleh from Virginia on Sep. 02, 2015 01:52

ecofficient (adjective) : ecologically efficient

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 02, 2015 01:51

negatate (verb) : to dwell on a negative experience

Submitted by: Jillian Acevedo from Illinois on Sep. 01, 2015 13:57

clique-bait (noun) : a piece of writing designed to appeal to an exclusive group of people

"What follows should probably serve as a warning of the risks of clique-bait." —Dan Raile,, May 28, 2015

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 01, 2015 11:06

terracide (noun) : destruction of the earth

Submitted by: Dennis mcglinn from Australia on Aug. 31, 2015 18:10

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