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gription (noun) : the purchase gained by friction

My car needs new tires because the old ones have lost their gription.

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procrastibaking (noun) : baking as a form of procrastination

Procrastibaking - the practice of baking something completely unnecessary, with the intention of avoiding "real work” is a surprisingly common habit that has only recently acquired a name. —Julia Moskin, The New York Times, May 15, 2018

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 15, 2018 14:08

w'all (other) : we all

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 15, 2018 06:51

bingeable (adjective) : able to be binge-watched

The new program on Netflix is so good it's bingeable

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 14, 2018 20:46

critegic (adjective) : strategically critical

John was being critegic towards Sally, knowing she was capable of a better performance which would help their team win.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 14, 2018 14:43

frienmily (noun) : a friend who is as close as a family member

Ama is a friend who sticks closer than a sibling; she is frienmily.

Submitted by: Vikki from Ghana on May. 14, 2018 12:54

wout (adjective) : wide and out

The tennis player hit the tennis ball wout, to lose a point to his opponent.

Submitted by: David Conboy from Pennsylvania on May. 13, 2018 03:24

stiltlife (noun) : life on stilts : the state of being raised up on piers, pillars, etc.

I live the stiltlife. I live on a boardwalk in the Poconos overlooking a lake.

Submitted by: Buzz Hartsig and Bob Babb from New Jersey on May. 11, 2018 20:18

y'ain't (other) : you all are not

Son : "Mom, a few friends and I are going to hang out." Mom : "Y'ain't doing that! You've got chores!"

Submitted by: Cameron meme lord from Indiana on May. 11, 2018 11:50

Snapnesia (noun) : partial or total loss of memory pertaining to recent conversations held within Snapchat resulting from the disappearance of preceding portions of the conversation within the app

I opened Jessica's Snapchat message but forgot to respond. When I tried to write back to her minutes later, Snapnesia prohibited me from being able to write her, and she never sent me a Snapchat again.

Submitted by: Wheels from Ohio on May. 09, 2018 00:39