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adenomyometritis (noun) : adenomyosis of the uterus

Submitted by: James Baker from Ohio on May. 22, 2017 15:33

vysume (noun) : a video resume: a filmed addition to a job application

Many companies nowadays ask for a vysume from job applicants. —Anand Madia, 04.05.2017

Submitted by: on May. 22, 2017 05:17

athazagoraphobia (noun) : the fear of being forgotten

She makes herself know because she has athazagoraphobia.

Submitted by: Haylie from Louisiana on May. 22, 2017 00:37

textology (noun) : a texted apology

He better not send me a textology because that is lame.

Submitted by: Tanya West from Maine on May. 20, 2017 21:55


(adjective) : loving and embracing baldness

The woman's new baldacious attitude inspired others who have hair loss.

Submitted by: Niecey from Arizona on May. 20, 2017 20:39

lypophrenia (noun) : a vague feeling of sadness, seemingly without cause

Lypophrenia often occurs when a person misses someone.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 20, 2017 07:10

tradigital (adjective) : combining traditional and digital marketing practices and strategies

In order to reach our audience both on and offline, our company has adopted a tradigital marketing strategy.

Submitted by: GriffinWink Advertising from Texas on May. 19, 2017 16:37

enteroclysis (noun) : an imaging test of the small intestine

Submitted by: Steve Votey from Maine on May. 19, 2017 11:40

conspiristic (adjective) : likely to believe in conspiracies

Danny is particularly conspiristic. He believe the government is hiding aliens from the public.

Submitted by: Dylan from Kentucky on May. 18, 2017 15:06


(noun) : the wedding anniversary of a divorced couple

Submitted by: Orit Bueno from Canada on May. 18, 2017 11:00