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textashionship (noun) : a relationship that consists only of texting

Submitted by: Mark Capozzelli from Texas on May. 22, 2016 22:09


(noun) : irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against America or Americans

Submitted by: on May. 13, 2016 18:17

fignature (noun) : a signature done on a touchscreen with your finger

I just need to get your fignature on my tablet for proof of purchase.

Submitted by: Dennis coville from New Mexico on May. 13, 2016 13:03

Trumpster (noun) : a supporter of Donald Trump's presidential campaign

Submitted by: on May. 10, 2016 18:44


(noun) : an idiot

Matt, quit being such a dingus!

Submitted by: Newman from Kansas on May. 08, 2016 15:21

cuddlelust (noun) : an intense or overwhelming desire to cuddle or be cuddled

Submitted by: Horace Wick from Arizona on May. 08, 2016 04:42


(adjective) : not of good quality

That is so jank.

Submitted by: Erich Mais from Louisiana on May. 07, 2016 00:25


(adjective) : expressing complex emotions through emojis

After ignoring an incoming call from a concerned party, and immediately receiving a barrage of red, sad, and crying emojis, we realized the girl was overwhelmed and highly emojinal.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 06, 2016 22:39


(noun) : a sassy demeanor

Don't give me that sassitude.

Submitted by: Anonymous on May. 06, 2016 22:28


(noun) : a person who has indulged in video games at the expense of education

It would seem video games have produced more vidiots than scholars.

Submitted by: Dwight from Colorado on May. 06, 2016 18:39