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hilorrible (adjective) : hilarious and horrible

Submitted by: Aaron Tiller from Indiana on Sep. 09, 2014 15:14

irenology (noun) : the study of peace

Submitted by: Elka Santos from Philippines on Sep. 09, 2014 06:51

grey (noun) : an extraterrestrial alien having a thin body, gray or white skin, a large head, and large eyes, and which is often described as being responsible for alien abductions of humans

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 08, 2014 07:14

rancidious (adjective) : rancid and hideous

Submitted by: Kyle Ballard from Minnesota on Sep. 07, 2014 23:07

seasy (adjective) : super easy

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 06, 2014 13:08

fulcrum (noun) : a point on a mallet or drumstick where the hand makes contact and varying pressure can be exerted to create different types of strokes

In traditional grip, your left hand has three fulcrums, your hand between your thumb and index knuckles, where your thumb and index finger meets, and between your middle and ring fingers.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 05, 2014 21:45

grustle (verb) : to work energetically

Submitted by: on Sep. 05, 2014 21:42

protoscience (noun) : a field of study (such as cryptozoology or ufology) that has not become scientifically established but follows scientific method

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 05, 2014 00:45

granddog (noun) : the dog of one's son or daughter

Submitted by: Jo-Ann L. Hunter (from D.C,) on Sep. 03, 2014 13:19

hairism (noun) : prejudice or discrimination against someone because of his or her hair

Submitted by: on Sep. 03, 2014 09:38


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