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(adjective) : adorable or sweet

My German Shepherd, Megan, is adogable.

Submitted by: Jonathan Narr from New York on Mar. 16, 2017 23:07

sewist (noun) : a person who sews

As a sewist, I prefer to use the sewing machine to create clothing for myself.

Submitted by: Karen Alexander from Texas on Mar. 09, 2017 20:48

squaddle (verb) : to squat and waddle

Submitted by: Alexis from Illinois on Mar. 02, 2017 22:38

memoiric (adjective) : having the nature of a memoir

George Orwell's writing style is often memoiric.

Submitted by: Buigea from North Carolina on Mar. 01, 2017 21:37


(noun) : the anniversary of one's birth : birthday

Happy third birthaversary!

Submitted by: KEDlive1 from Ohio on Mar. 01, 2017 15:16

magnetable (adjective) : able to be magnetized

Submitted by: Trixie from Oregon on Feb. 26, 2017 14:28

alpharhymitize (verb) : to compose a rhyming poem beginning the first line with A and each subsequent line with the next letter of the alphabet through Z

Submitted by: Franklin Price from North Carolina on Feb. 26, 2017 13:48

thrift (verb) : to shop in thrift stores : to buy secondhand items

I went thrifting the other day and scored some great vintage shirts.

Submitted by: Jenny from Washington on Feb. 24, 2017 19:19

FYP (verb) : to work on any Final Year Project

I should be FYPing right now, but I'm too lazy. I FYPed so much yesterday I didn't get to sleep!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 22, 2017 17:46


(adjective) : being emotional by using a LOT of emojis

OMG! why are you so emojional! —Blooperz, 2/21/17

Submitted by: on Feb. 21, 2017 22:32


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