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z-list (noun) : a list or group of individuals of the lowest level of social standing or professional achievement

The local gossip columnist's stories are very boring because he only writes about local, z-list "celebrities."

Submitted by: K.A. Hoffa from Pennsylvania on Aug. 15, 2008 17:03

zaatar (noun) : a mix of seasonings used in Middle Eastern cooking

Submitted by: daloy rosano from Philippines on Jan. 07, 2013 04:31

zacrete (adjective) : 1.good and bad 2.two parts

This world is zacrete

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 22, 2007 14:24

zam (verb) : to smoothe ice in rink with a zamboni

Between periods of a hockey game, Jim zammed the ice.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 03, 2008 08:39


(noun) : a bicycle with a frame made from bamboo in Zambia

Submitted by: Mr Gair from United Kingdom on Jul. 01, 2009 08:04

zap-n-go (noun) : a microwaveable dinner, usually when eaten on the run

Whenever the runner has practice, he tosses a zap-n-go into the microwave and takes it with him.

Submitted by: The Eloquent Hick on Oct. 18, 2005 15:43

zapophyl (noun) : A zapophyl is a person who simply can't be satisfied with a program on a TV channel and keeps switching (zapping)to other channels but still is unsatisfied with what he/she sees. [I used -phyl instead of -phile for the suffix to look different.]

That zapophyl is going to give me a headache, why can't he just be satisfied with a movie or a news program?

Submitted by: B. Korhan Sevinchan from Turkey on Aug. 17, 2006 16:12

zara (noun) : a type of fast warship

The sleek zara fired a round.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 21, 2008 22:29


(noun) : a cardboard sleeve used as an insulator for a disposable cup

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 31, 2014 11:21

(noun) : a sleeve of cardboard that fits around a disposable cup and insulates the heat of the liquid in the cup from the hand of a person holding the cup

We now have that little cardboard thing that goes around the disposable cup so you can hold a cup of hot coffee without discomfort. (It actually has a name: the zarf, and one Jay Sorenson is said to have invented it in 1993... —Hilary Stout, New York Times, October 21, 2013

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 22, 2013 14:06

zat (other) : Contraction for 'is that'.

Zat your new car?

Submitted by: Steve from Florida on Jan. 21, 2006 09:27