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: shortend version of the word "why"

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 04, 2007 09:07

(verb) : To divide into two branches, as in a road.

Take a left when the road Ys.

Submitted by: David Whittaker from Washington on Jun. 26, 2006 16:50

y'ain't (other) : you all are not

Son : "Mom, a few friends and I are going to hang out." Mom : "Y'ain't doing that! You've got chores!"

Submitted by: Cameron meme lord from Indiana on May. 11, 2018 11:50

y'allternative (noun) : alternative country music

The new country music station plays y'allternative.

Submitted by: DLight from Texas on Oct. 10, 2007 08:44

y-side (noun) : referring to the y chromosome; this is a guy's point of view

I needed advice from the y-side, so I asked my guy friend what outfit was the most flattering on me.

Submitted by: Kimberly from Pennsylvania on Jun. 08, 2007 20:53

Y.W. (abbreviation) : you're welcome

thanks for the money. YW

Submitted by: Bubble from California on Oct. 06, 2007 22:19

Y2K (abbreviation) : the year 2000; some people feared that computer systems would display an incorrect indication for the year and interpret 2000 as 00 or 00 as 1900 thus causing computer failures that would have a negative affect on everything from banks to utility companies

In December 1999, the grocery stores were selling out of bottled water and canned goods because people were stockpiling them for fear that Y2K would cause massive shutdowns and anarchy.

Submitted by: Kimberly from Pennsylvania on Aug. 03, 2007 15:22

Y33+! (interjection) : An expression with origins of "yee" and "woot" in 1337-form.

I ate a pickle! Y33+!

Submitted by: Da Chael from Kentucky on Feb. 17, 2006 21:48

Ya Dig (other) : Do you understand? You agree with me?

I love driving Hummers, ya dig? I'm the sexiest person on the earth, ya dig? We would be the perfect match, ya dig?

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 29, 2007 14:31

ya rly! (other) : a phrase which is the proper response to "o rly?"

"o rly? ya rly!"

Submitted by: Vaerin from Virginia on Oct. 20, 2005 17:02

ya'ight (other) : Pronouced: yuh-ite. This is a contraction of "Are you all right?" Used when asking someone how they are feeling at the moment, usually as a matter of concern. This is not used in a rhetorical sense or simply as a polite guesture in passing. Not to be confused with "How are you?"

You don't look very well today, ya'ight?

Submitted by: April Roskovensky from Florida on Feb. 02, 2006 12:05