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regurgitant (noun) : a substance that flows counter to the normal direction

Submitted by: Edward Arquette from North Carolina on Oct. 23, 2014 12:43

regurgitative (adjective) : of or pertaining to retching and vomiting

Wolves have been known to feed their pups by way of regurgitative food transfer.

Submitted by: spiritualfields on Oct. 25, 2005 16:48

rehability (noun) : the ability to rehabilitate

Some patients have rehability post-operatively. Some do not.

Submitted by: Dr mark Sherman from New York on Oct. 28, 2013 14:29

reice (verb) : to replace the melted ice used to preserve and/or maintain the coldness of food or beverages in an ice box

"Kristoffer, reice the fish in the box! It might spoil."

Submitted by: poison_ivy from Philippines on Nov. 06, 2007 09:00

Reiki (noun) : Reiki is a vibrational energy therapy believed to balance the biofield and enhance the body's ability to heal itself. Reiki is used in both non-medical and clinical settings, for conditions ranging from creative blocks, stress, trauma, and chronic pain, to treatment of HIV/AIDS, cancer, and more.

Reiki Masters are trained to teach others to do Reiki.

Submitted by: Linda Gnat-Mullin from New York on Nov. 30, 2005 08:33

reimagination (noun) : a re-creation of something already existing

The West End Arts Council is proud to once again present the fifth Wintermarkt, a local reimagination of a traditional German Christkindlmarkt. Found in an e-mail submitted to a forum by the organizer of the event in St. Louis, Missouri end of November 2006.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 11, 2006 08:38

reimagineer (noun) : a person who visualizes future methodologies

Submitted by: Matt Meeker from Ohio on Feb. 28, 2017 15:48

reimbibe (verb) : to drink Friday night, sleep a few hours, and wake up Saturday morning and start drinking again to keep the buzz going.

I have a lot of customers that come to my store early in the morning to reimbibe after over-imbibing the night before.

Submitted by: David Scott Lane from Alaska on Nov. 21, 2006 01:59

reincentivize (verb) : to increase voluntary participation in an activity for which interest is waning by improving the reward

We can reincentivize the employees by doubling the bonus payment for working the overnight shift.

Submitted by: Michael Roarke from Arizona on Nov. 30, 2007 23:36

Reincumber (verb) : To get back with something that you were previously with

Let's reincumber with our group.

Submitted by: Kim Lorello from North Carolina on Jan. 30, 2007 20:23