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L.A. (adjective) : like someone or something typical of the Los Angeles culture

My tattooed friend is so L.A. —song "She's so L.A."

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 09, 2007 08:09

L.B.D. (abbreviation) : stands for Little Black Dress

"What are you going to wear to the party tonight?" "I am going to wear my L.B.D. and red strappy sandals."

Submitted by: Kimberly from Pennsylvania on Jun. 13, 2007 10:25

L.B.R. (abbreviation) : Loser Beyond Repair

Claire is such an L.B.R. —Massie Block (Lisi Harrison), The Clique Series

Submitted by: Rebecca from New Jersey on Jan. 20, 2008 16:42

L.M.A.O. (abbreviation) : "Laughing My &%^ Off"

Good joke, right about now I am L.M.A.O..

Submitted by: NoSelfAsteem on Apr. 17, 2007 19:19

L.O.I. (abbreviation) : LACK OF INTEREST

The evidence on the crime case by the witness are considered to be LOI.

Submitted by: danny criste from Philippines on Apr. 26, 2008 15:32

L.O.L (abbreviation) : laugh out loud —used in electronic text messaging

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 11, 2008 23:44


(noun) : a system of abbreviations used in online communication that uses numerals or other special characters in place of letters

That round of Counter-Strike was 4ws0m3.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 10, 2006 20:15

(adjective) : Internet slang for "elite"

Dude, you are so l337!

Submitted by: Jaspreet from California on May. 01, 2006 20:27


(abbreviation) : Internet abbreviation of "elite"

Wow your l33t at that game. —Jeremy

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 21, 2007 18:22

(noun) : a person or thing that is elite

He is so good at Halo 2, he is a l33t.

Submitted by: Carlo Olcese from New York on Dec. 14, 2006 20:56

(noun) : a set of abbreviations and respellings used by programmers and hackers

1 Wr0t3 th1$ 3nt1r3 $3nt3n(e 1n l33t. w00t!

Submitted by: James from Indiana on Nov. 09, 2005 16:17

L7 (noun) : a loser.

That boy is such and L7, you think he would try to make some friends.

Submitted by: brii from California on Jun. 02, 2007 22:16

L8 (abbreviation) : late

Submitted by: faiza khan from United Arab Emirates on Jul. 19, 2011 06:28