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(noun) : eyeliner worn by guys

Submitted by: Tabitha Crow from Georgia Us on Oct. 19, 2011 15:00

(noun) : eyeliner worn by certain male rockstars

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 15, 2009 14:42

(noun) : eyeliner worn by a guy, most often worn by male punks, emos, scene kids, etc

I've seen a ton of emos wearing guyliner.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 01, 2007 19:33

(noun) : Eyeliner as used by men, especially arty/musical types.

Gerard Way coats on the guyliner so thick he looks like a racoon on a bender.

Submitted by: sb from New York on Mar. 13, 2006 02:40

guyperbole (noun) : The exaggerations made by some men.

The CEO's guyperbole about the positive aspects of the merger were obvious.

Submitted by: Opra Windoodles from Pennsylvania on Sep. 25, 2007 10:16

guyscara (noun) : Mascara used buy a guy.

I love Brad Pitt in his guyscara!

Submitted by: Penny Wooten from Hawaii on Oct. 11, 2007 10:38


(noun) : the ability of a man to look directly at an item and not see it

Submitted by: David Wright from New York on Nov. 01, 2013 10:13

(noun) : The inability of a person (often male) to see something if it is not where it is thought to be.

Jeff suffers from guysight; I watched him stare into the refrigerator, complaining there was no beer, when I could clearly see it was on the door.

Submitted by: Lee Stapleton from New Jersey on Apr. 27, 2006 14:19

GWAM (abbreviation) : gross words a minute

I got 64 GWAM in my computers class. —Nicki Mounts, school, october 9, 2008

Submitted by: Anonymous on Oct. 09, 2008 20:14

gwop (noun) : money

Today is payday, time to get that gwop.

Submitted by: Kim Bell or K.B. from Michigan on Jun. 24, 2011 03:21

GYDO (abbreviation) : get your drink on

GYDO before you leave for the party.

Submitted by: Word King from Pennsylvania on Sep. 04, 2008 10:03

gyegundus (adjective) : huge,extreamly big

wow my head looks gyegundus! —Grace, yo momma, 2/17/06

Submitted by: gracalyn from North Carolina on Feb. 18, 2006 16:36

gyginormous (adjective) : Extremely huge, large.

The gyginormous city of New York is the largest in the country.

Submitted by: an anonymous person from Washington on Mar. 22, 2006 22:59

gym (verb) : to visit a gym

I try to go gyming at least 3 - 4 times a week.

Submitted by: ButterBallz from Pennsylvania on Dec. 12, 2007 13:06