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(noun) : a network of social and / or professional relations

Through her guanxi, Joyce mustered the resources for a stellar presentation despite not having an appropriate marketing budget.

Submitted by: Aaron Kyle Dennis from Washington on Nov. 21, 2005 02:30

(noun) : [gwan'shee] [mandarin chinese] - social capital or bonding, built up by gift-giving or favor-granting, etc, and used up by calling in favors (important point in chinese culture is that once guanxi exists in a relationship, it sets up a lifetime relationship that does not terminate)

The diplomatic leaders of first-world nations should work towards building guanxi with Chinese politicos and generals, rather than ignoring this important cultural belief. (submitter's quote, not book author's) —unk, but a scientist coined it, book In Other Words: A Language Lover's..., recently (year or two ago)

Submitted by: jonathan keith sheriff from California on Oct. 25, 2005 20:13

Guap (noun) : Money or a lot of change.

I get guap and you stay broke. I stay guaped out with new clothes. —Alex Vangas, none, 3/20/07

Submitted by: Alex Vangas from Pennsylvania on Mar. 20, 2007 08:18

guarana (noun) : fruit of the Brazilian rain forest ; also: a drink made of this fruit

Submitted by: lacerdaphd from Brazil on Dec. 06, 2008 07:42

Guatepino (noun) : one having both Guatemalan and Filipino ancestry

Submitted by: Taz Melendez-Orlak on Sep. 08, 2008 11:47

gub (noun) : A round, usually black spot on pavement or a sidewalk, made from discarded chewing gum.

Although every stretch of pavement or concrete has gubs and the total number of gubs must be in the high millions, it is surprisingly difficult to catch one being created. —Charles Wenzel, 1/21/2006

Submitted by: Charles Wenzel from Texas on Jan. 21, 2006 14:29

gudygudy (other) : means that everything is fine, good, great...it's a possitive word

since I got back from the spa everithing is gudygudy —natakalt, me

Submitted by: Anonymous on Feb. 13, 2006 14:27

guesstimary (adjective) : of the estimate variety, closer to a guess than an accurate time estimate

This estimate is guesstimary, it should not be used to determine a delivery date. A variety of the word guesstimate.

Submitted by: Mike Peters from Wisconsin on Apr. 05, 2007 15:13


(noun) : the act or process of guestimating

Submitted by: Lena Rice (Lynn) from Georgia Us on Jul. 17, 2014 21:54

(noun) : the act or process of making a guesstimate

Submitted by: Tari-Jo Clevenger from New Jersey on Jul. 10, 2009 07:50

guestimate (noun) : estimate of the number of guests

Hey Travis, how's the guestimate for tonight's debut of yours? —Remy

Submitted by: Rael from Philippines on Aug. 20, 2008 17:52

guestion (noun) : a guess phrased as a question in response to a question

Submitted by: Tracy from Wisconsin on Mar. 09, 2015 23:06