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(abbreviation) : got to go

Gtg now before the plane will leave me —michelle i delos reyes, march 6, 08

Submitted by: mitch from Philippines on Mar. 06, 2008 08:39

(abbreviation) : got to go —used electronic text messaging

g2g soon, soccer practice!

Submitted by: Anonymous on Apr. 14, 2007 10:50

(abbreviation) : good to go: ready

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 06, 2006 21:20

gth (other) : go to hell

I want you to gth.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Nov. 30, 2006 16:47

GTS (abbreviation) : Go To Sleep. Wrestling finisher.

Oh my gosh he hit the GTS!

Submitted by: Pat from Pennsylvania on Sep. 21, 2007 14:25

guac (noun) : guacamole

Submitted by: alli on May. 02, 2009 19:33

Guaifenesin (noun) : an expectorant medicine used to thin mucous

This cough syrup contains guaifenesin

Submitted by: Christopher E. Stith from Illinois on Jan. 11, 2007 18:03

guantanamize (verb) : [from Guantanamo,secret penitentiary in Guantanomo bay+-ize](v):to seizeand abduct people secretly and keep them far from others in a state of uncertain accusation and secluding them in a secret place

Submitted by: S.Taha Ghorayshie from Iran on Jun. 03, 2006 04:03


(noun) : a network of social and / or professional relations

Through her guanxi, Joyce mustered the resources for a stellar presentation despite not having an appropriate marketing budget.

Submitted by: Aaron Kyle Dennis from Washington on Nov. 21, 2005 02:30

(noun) : [gwan'shee] [mandarin chinese] - social capital or bonding, built up by gift-giving or favor-granting, etc, and used up by calling in favors (important point in chinese culture is that once guanxi exists in a relationship, it sets up a lifetime relationship that does not terminate)

The diplomatic leaders of first-world nations should work towards building guanxi with Chinese politicos and generals, rather than ignoring this important cultural belief. (submitter's quote, not book author's) —unk, but a scientist coined it, book In Other Words: A Language Lover's..., recently (year or two ago)

Submitted by: jonathan keith sheriff from California on Oct. 25, 2005 20:13

Guap (noun) : Money or a lot of change.

I get guap and you stay broke. I stay guaped out with new clothes. —Alex Vangas, none, 3/20/07

Submitted by: Alex Vangas from Pennsylvania on Mar. 20, 2007 08:18

guarana (noun) : fruit of the Brazilian rain forest ; also: a drink made of this fruit

Submitted by: lacerdaphd from Brazil on Dec. 06, 2008 07:42

Guatepino (noun) : one having both Guatemalan and Filipino ancestry

Submitted by: Taz Melendez-Orlak on Sep. 08, 2008 11:47