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grumpy-bum (noun) : someone who's always in a bad mood

Submitted by: oiseaux_éphém&eg from Australia on Feb. 05, 2006 15:04


(noun) : granduncle

Submitted by: David Krasno from Minnesota on Jul. 07, 2013 15:16

(noun) : Great uncle

"Good morning Gruncle Hank, how are you today?"

Submitted by: Sandee & Alon from Georgia Us on Nov. 07, 2007 22:47

gruncle, graunt (noun) : great uncle and great aunt

Happy birthday from Gruncle Joe and Graunt Kay.

Submitted by: Babbz from New York on May. 05, 2008 08:48


(noun) : dirty underwear

Please pick up your grundies off the floor

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 22, 2006 12:07

(noun) : Undergarments that have been thoroughly worn until or past the soiling process.

My filthy grundies need a swift changing before I give myself a rash.

Submitted by: Los Zack on Feb. 19, 2006 19:25

grunt factor (noun) : A measure of how strenuous something is.

I had better get some sleep tonight because painting the house tomorrow will have a pretty high grunt factor.

Submitted by: J.C. from Pennsylvania on Mar. 25, 2008 14:20

Gruntilizer (noun) : A person who has anger issues.

You little gruntilizer!! —Melissa, Made-up, 12-5-07

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 05, 2007 22:15


(adjective) : at ease; calm; restful

"No one here is disgruntled; everyone is extremely gruntled!" —Michael Scott, The Office

Submitted by: Kyle Wade from Ohio on May. 06, 2008 13:53

(adjective) : pleased, satisfied, happy,content

Her gift made me very gruntled.

Submitted by: Terrance & Hannah from Illinois on Jul. 10, 2006 14:30

grustle (verb) : to work energetically

Submitted by: on Sep. 05, 2014 21:42

GSM (noun) : Global Systems for Mobile communication. Mobile phone set

Infact, Dauda told me that the advent of GSM has made business more flourishing. —Abugansoro, Book, 2003

Submitted by: RAMON from Nigeria on Jan. 17, 2008 08:06

GSRM (abbreviation) : gender, sexual, and romantic minority

Submitted by: Donna R Perna from California on Nov. 19, 2013 14:17