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Grred (verb) : the past tence form of saying Grr

The mommy got grred at the child because the young boy drew all over the wall with a crayon. —Billi, 2/28/06

Submitted by: Billi from Pennsylvania on Feb. 28, 2006 13:03

grubble (noun) : the collective term for dirt, grime, and rubble

There was a lot of grubble in the area.

Submitted by: Spydar from Illinois on Jan. 01, 2007 21:34

grudge match (noun) : an event (such as an athletic competition) arranged to settle a matter of contention or controversy

Submitted by: Rob from Canada on Mar. 22, 2009 11:02

grudgmental (adjective) : acting, speaking or considering out of lingering, prejudiced feelings

"My teacher has been grudgmental towards me ever since I laughed at her mistake." —anonymous, n/a

Submitted by: Phillip from California on Oct. 09, 2007 03:48

gruel (interjection) : A cross between the words "Great" and "Cool".

Gruel! Oh, I meant to say great, but then I started to say cool... —Cady Harris, Mean Girls (the movie), 2004

Submitted by: Choco Brownie from Connecticut on Nov. 06, 2005 21:59

GRUMBLES! (interjection) : —used to express frustration or mild anger

Beth fell down the stairs and dropped her books and papers. "Grumbles," Beth said. —March 24, 2008

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 24, 2008 18:35

Grumor (noun) : a rumor that John Gruden will accept the position of head coach of football at the University of Tennessee

Today I informed my children that Christmas was coming early, that Santa was cleared for landing in Knoxville because the Grumors are true, John Gruden is the next football coach of the University of Tennessee.

Submitted by: John Clay from Tennessee on Nov. 16, 2017 15:36

grumpelstiltskin (noun) : named after Rumpelstiltskin, a character from a Brothers Grimm fairytale; this is an easily agitated and overly grumpy person

My dad can be a real grumpelstiltskin when my mom asks him to mow the lawn.

Submitted by: Kimberly from Pennsylvania on May. 17, 2007 09:43

Grumphy (noun) : A person that wears whatever they want to feel comfy in.

im not a chav, im not a goth, im a grumphy

Submitted by: Matt Wright from United Kingdom on Feb. 13, 2006 11:24

grumplainer (noun) : one who grumbles and complains at the same time

Don't be such a grumplainer about your life.

Submitted by: jerry from Oregon on Dec. 03, 2007 12:02