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group text (noun) : a single text message sent to several persons at once

I already sent a group text to the girls, informing them of Yuri's birthday.

Submitted by: Lean from Philippines on May. 19, 2009 05:11

groupage (noun) : an act or instance of grouping people or things together

Submitted by: Aaron from Florida on Feb. 20, 2009 11:09

groupie (noun) : an image of a group of people taken by a member of the group using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks

Submitted by: Jade Kevin Santos from Philippines on Jan. 15, 2014 22:54

groupify (verb) : to form a group

The girls on the couch decided to groupify to make room for another person.

Submitted by: Rachel Dawson from Utah on Nov. 02, 2008 23:45

grousy (adjective) : In a foul mood, apt to grumble, often to the point of being cause for complaint or grievance From the word grouse.

In a grousy mood, he answered the telephone rudely and sighed at the person on the other line.

Submitted by: Uniquewordywoman from Iowa on Oct. 11, 2005 13:20

Grownaphobia (adjective) : afraid of adults (though you still respect them)

my cause for grownaphobia happened when I was a little girl. —jacqueline, imagimation, creativity, 1/19/06

Submitted by: jacqueline from New Jersey on Jan. 19, 2006 22:01

Grred (verb) : the past tence form of saying Grr

The mommy got grred at the child because the young boy drew all over the wall with a crayon. —Billi, 2/28/06

Submitted by: Billi from Pennsylvania on Feb. 28, 2006 13:03

grubble (noun) : the collective term for dirt, grime, and rubble

There was a lot of grubble in the area.

Submitted by: Spydar from Illinois on Jan. 01, 2007 21:34

grudge match (noun) : an event (such as an athletic competition) arranged to settle a matter of contention or controversy

Submitted by: Rob from Canada on Mar. 22, 2009 11:02

grudgmental (adjective) : acting, speaking or considering out of lingering, prejudiced feelings

"My teacher has been grudgmental towards me ever since I laughed at her mistake." —anonymous, n/a

Submitted by: Phillip from California on Oct. 09, 2007 03:48