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groovtacular (adjective) : groovy and spectacular

Love is groovtacular.

Submitted by: Joshua Gunty on Nov. 27, 2008 23:31

gropage (noun) : the act of groping (squeezing) someone

"Oh, sorry about that gropage just now." "Wow, gropage!"

Submitted by: Emily from California on Apr. 19, 2007 23:26

gropie (noun) : One who likes to grope; a groper.

That gropie at the bar fondled my friend and then started to fondle me!

Submitted by: Word Hog from Pennsylvania on Feb. 28, 2008 14:02

gropioid epidemic (noun) : a rash of reported gropings : a large number of instances of unwanted touching

The numerous recently reported gropings of celebrity women by men has led commentators to dub the occurrences the gropioid epidemic.

Submitted by: on Oct. 26, 2017 12:10

grossatosis (noun) : The state of being permanently gross.

I think that guy has grossatosis.

Submitted by: Word King from Pennsylvania on Mar. 10, 2008 12:29

grossified (adjective) : being "grossed out" by something OR someone...

I was totally grossified by the stench coming from his cat's litter box!

Submitted by: J.C. Moore from Pennsylvania on Nov. 14, 2007 13:45

grossify (verb) : to cause feelings of disgust

Ewww you totally grossify me. —atiman ergond

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan. 09, 2009 20:34

grossissimo (adjective) : ffff+, or playing so loud that the sound is deafening and disgusting

Play loudly, but never, ever play grossissimo! —Dana Yovel, Band Class, 11/12/07

Submitted by: Dana "Shakespeare" Y from California on Nov. 12, 2007 17:08

grosso (noun) : a person who is extremely gross or disgusting

Submitted by: Jess from Maryland on Dec. 29, 2006 13:06

grosstesque (adjective) : disgusting

That lettuce is rotted and limp and just looks grosstesque.

Submitted by: starkwell from Canada on Nov. 24, 2005 10:58