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assumptious (adjective) : making assumptions

I believe that statement is being assumptious on your part.

Submitted by: Ralph Valenzi from Pennsylvania on Mar. 19, 2008 14:07

assumptuary (adjective) : in a state of presumption

I was being assumptuary when I thought you would accept my help.

Submitted by: tlks from Iowa on May. 23, 2007 19:44

asterisk athlete (noun) : an athlete who is suspected of using performance enhancing drugs

Lance Armstrong is now considered to be an asterisk athlete by many sports fans. —Tom Goldman, NPR Morning Edition, 9/10/08

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 10, 2008 09:07

astig (adjective) : stylish

Is that your new new car? Astig!

Submitted by: cookies&kreme from Philippines on Apr. 16, 2010 10:16

astrochemistry (noun) : the study of chemical elements in space

Submitted by: daloy rosano from Philippines on Jan. 13, 2013 02:26

astroparticle physics (noun) : a branch of particle physics dealing with elementary particles of astronomical origin

Submitted by: daloy rosano from Philippines on Nov. 13, 2012 00:08

astrophotography (noun) : photography of astronomical objects or bodies

Submitted by: daloy rosano from Philippines on Jan. 13, 2013 02:28

Astrorific (interjection) : What space geeks say instead of teriffic or fantastic (o in astro is pronounced like the o in globe)

"Astrorific!!" " I found a new planet!!"

Submitted by: Zak from Washington on Mar. 22, 2006 00:42


(noun) : the creation by a political group of a false impression of spontaneous grass roots support

Submitted by: daloy rosano from Philippines on Dec. 18, 2012 10:49

(noun) : advocacy that appears to express spontaneous popular sentiment but is organized by a political group: fake grass roots

This is not the first time AHIP has engaged in astroturfing. —Jason Rosenbaum, Huffington Post, April 14, 2009

Submitted by: Dave from Canada on Apr. 14, 2009 13:43


(noun) : a person who seeks asylum

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 07, 2009 10:18

(noun) : An individual seeking asylum

Cuban asylees found safe haven in the United States. —U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/..., 2007

Submitted by: Lisa Jordan from Florida on Jul. 24, 2007 09:44