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(noun) : the ability to hear, and comprehend, music in your mind.

One must be able to audiate the song, "Happy BIrthday," in order to sing it in tune and with appropriate rhythm and phrasing. —Edwin E. Gordon, Learning Sequences in Music, 1975

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(noun) : the act of imagining sounds and especially music

Submitted by: Thomas from New York on Jan. 07, 2013 12:49

(noun) : the ability to imagine the sound of music

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jun. 17, 2008 02:15

audiocat (noun) : an audio enthusiast

The mixing of the music was done by an audiocat. —bryan jamora,

Submitted by: bryan or brix from Philippines on Jan. 24, 2006 04:15

audiographic (adjective) : relating to recording or remembering sound

Jon's audiographic memory allowed him to instantly recognize the Dave Matthews song.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jul. 24, 2006 00:25

audioization (noun) : the formation of mental audio impressions

Submitted by: Keith Mitchell from California on Sep. 12, 2012 03:05

audiomentary (noun) : an audio documentary, commentary or adaptation.

In Brooke Olsen’s audiomentary “Through the Ear” you heard the voices of Rob Shepard and Shane Halloway.

Submitted by: Khumo from United Kingdom on Jul. 11, 2007 07:45

audion (noun) : auditory imagery, audualization, auditory vision, mental sound

The audion I am trying to audualize is the sound of light. —J. Nabarro, book draft, unpublished

Submitted by: Anonymous on Mar. 05, 2008 10:06

audiospatial (adjective) : of, relating to, or being thought processess that involve auditory and spatial awareness

Recent evidence suggests that musicians and others with keen innate or developed auditory talents perceive subtleties and nuances that others miss, not only in music, but in spoken speech and even natural soundscapes and in terms of audiospatial awareness. —jonathan keith sheriff, studying books, just now

Submitted by: jonathan keith sheriff from California on Oct. 25, 2005 21:55

audiosyncrasy (noun) : an activity consisting of the substitution of alternate music or sounds for the original soundtrack of a film or television program.

Probably the most famous example of audiosyncrasy is watching the Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Submitted by: Erica Pannen from New Jersey on Sep. 07, 2008 15:15


(noun) : 1.The belief that one is superior because he/she can hear. 2.To behave like someone who can hear.

Submitted by: Timothy from Kansas on Mar. 05, 2008 13:04

(noun) : the conscious or subconscious discrimination against an individual or group of individual based on the ability to hear.

Submitted by: Daniel from Pennsylvania on Feb. 14, 2007 11:07

(noun) : 1.The belief that life without hearing is miserable, that hearing loss is a tragedy and that deaf people should struggle to be as much like hearing people as possible. 2.The notion that one is superior based on one's ability to hear or behave in the manner of one who hears.

Submitted by: Walter R. Taylor from Michigan on Nov. 15, 2006 21:22

(noun) : "The notion that one is superior based on one's ability to hear or to behave in the manner of one who hears" (Tom Humphries, 1975)

Deaf people’s accounts of their workplace experiences, then, include evidence of what could be described as institutional audism. —Graham H. Turner, http://www.online-conference.net/downloads/..., 2003

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 07, 2006 13:40

(noun) : discrimination against an individual based on their ability to hear

Audism is on a par with racism

Submitted by: Daniel from Pennsylvania on Feb. 27, 2006 10:56

audist (noun) : Persons who practice audism. These persons may be hearing or deaf.

Some interpreters may not realize or recognize their behaviours as audist in nature when interacting, interpreting and socializing with Deaf persons. —Gary Malkowski, http://www.audism.org/us-audism.org/GaryMalkowski/..., (c) 2003

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 07, 2006 13:50