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(noun) : A surrealist method invented by Daniel C. Boyer in which a vacuum cleaner is used to make marks in the pile of carpeting, rather than being used for cleaning. The results of this method.

He used the vacuum cleaner to make aspiratages, much to the chagrin of his wife, who just wanted him to clean the carpet. —Arte Euroamericano IV (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006), p.34, 2006

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan. 22, 2007 15:51

(noun) : A surrealist method in which markings are made in the pile of carpeting by a vacuum cleaner. The results of this method.

He used the vaccum cleaner to make aspiratages rather than simply properly cleaning the carpet. —Arte Euroamericano IV, 2006

Submitted by: Anonymous on Nov. 14, 2006 14:27

aspirationalist (noun) : a person who aspires

Submitted by: Sammy Serfaty from New York on Dec. 30, 2011 13:35

ass-hat : A person who is acting like a jerk.

Submitted by: Ariel from New Jersey on Jan. 09, 2006 22:13

Assagore (adjective) : Of or relating to asinine; Utter foolishness. Complete stupidity.

Submitted by: Emil Sheikh from Canada on Jul. 23, 2006 23:02


(noun) : a person who is an annoying attention-seeker

Submitted by: Brian Austin from California on May. 04, 2014 12:27

(adjective) : combinatory derogatory term meaning one who exhibits both insensitivity and lack of social grace.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Dec. 11, 2005 11:10

assetical (adjective) : being or able to become an asset

Please don't make me feel badly about buying that boat we really couldn't afford, because after all, it is assetical.

Submitted by: Scotty Andrew Gustafski from Arizona on May. 06, 2007 16:49

assetious (adjective) : having the characteristics of an asset : valuable in some way

Given the profit potential of the business model, its creator is sure to be an assetious addition to the firm.

Submitted by: Mitch Gundrum from Wisconsin on Jan. 14, 2015 14:47

asshat (noun) : An asshat is someone who is generally worthless and at the same time enjoys being rude and vulgar towards everyone and everything.

That guy spilled his beer on me and had the nerve to laugh at me hysterically. What an asshat!

Submitted by: Brandon Cumby on Feb. 20, 2006 15:27

assiness (noun) : when a person tends to be annoying to the point that people don't see their good qualities; when someone acts like an ass.

Your assiness is getting on my nerves. —Alyssa Ruberto, ?, September 22, 2006

Submitted by: Ali on Sep. 22, 2006 17:23

assinine (noun) : subspecies of the canine family predominantly known for its silly tricks and stupid behavior

The dog slipped out of the canine family into the assinine category after barking at its own shadow.

Submitted by: Gr8t Dn Lvr from West Virginia on Jan. 18, 2006 00:58