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assmosis (noun) : The process by which your boss begins to like the ideas of the office a**-kisser over yours and everyone else's.

I would have gotten the promotion, but the process of assmosis made it physically impossible. —, unknown

Submitted by: jonathan keith sheriff from California on Oct. 27, 2005 22:31

Asstastic (adjective) : 1) Well-liked and popular despite having the mannerisms and/or personality of a jerk 2) A jerk who can obtain friends easily because of the fantastic and entertaining manner in which the he or she displays jerk-like or ass-like qualities

My brother is simply asstastic. Despite his huge ego, lack of manners, and excessive use of sarcasm, he is still one of the most popular boys in school.

Submitted by: Alison from Arizona on Aug. 09, 2006 05:23


(noun) : reduction in intensity (as of pain or guilt)

Her argument was an assuasion of her own guilt. —sarah grace, August 2008

Submitted by: sarah grace from California on Sep. 23, 2008 10:20

assumicide (noun) : Being embarrassed to death as a result of an erroneous assumption which one has made.

The police officer was guilty of assumicide when he realized the young man, whom he assumed was drunk, was actually suffering from vertigo.

Submitted by: Anonymous on Jan. 25, 2006 07:44

assumplified (adjective) : Assumed to be simplified; assumed to be a simplified form of a particular thing whereas being just the opposite; looking simple at first sight.

Submitted by: Leena from India on Aug. 22, 2007 07:58

assumptious (adjective) : making assumptions

I believe that statement is being assumptious on your part.

Submitted by: Ralph Valenzi from Pennsylvania on Mar. 19, 2008 14:07

assumptuary (adjective) : in a state of presumption

I was being assumptuary when I thought you would accept my help.

Submitted by: tlks from Iowa on May. 23, 2007 19:44

asterisk athlete (noun) : an athlete who is suspected of using performance enhancing drugs

Lance Armstrong is now considered to be an asterisk athlete by many sports fans. —Tom Goldman, NPR Morning Edition, 9/10/08

Submitted by: Anonymous on Sep. 10, 2008 09:07

astig (adjective) : stylish

Is that your new new car? Astig!

Submitted by: cookies&kreme from Philippines on Apr. 16, 2010 10:16

astrochemistry (noun) : the study of chemical elements in space

Submitted by: daloy rosano from Philippines on Jan. 13, 2013 02:26