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You know that word that really should be in the dictionary? Until it actually makes it in, here's where it goes. Welcome to our collection of user-submitted words.

  • Contribute useful entries. Submit entries that enlighten our Merriam-Webster Online community about real words and senses that haven't appeared in other dictionaries. "Real words" are words that you've seen or heard used by others. Coinages (words you've invented on your own or with friends) are fun, but they might be less useful to fellow Open Dictionary users, and may be removed. Particularly useful and clever coinages with clear and well-written definitions might find a permanent place in the Open Dictionary.
  • Submit new words and senses. Use the searchbox at the top of this page to make sure that your word or sense isn't already entered in Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary.
  • Think words and language. Don't submit personal information, comments about or directed at people you know, or use a submission to advertise something or push an agenda.
  • Express yourself clearly. Your entry will be read by word-lovers across the globe. Do your best to provide a clear entry with a detailed, accurate definition and a helpful example sentence.
  • Don't be shy! Submit your name and get credit for your well-crafted definition.

Thank you!